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World According to Anna
When fifteen-year-old Anna begins receiving messages from another time, her parents take her to t..
52,00 Lei
Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times, and Ideas of the Great Economic Thinkers
The final revision of this classic bestseller, the 7th edition defines the common thread linking ..
64,00 Lei
Worldmaker Trilogy 1: Starborn
Shortlisted for the 2016 David Gemmell Morningstar Award for Best Debut. Death and destructi..
48,00 Lei
Written on the Body
Written on the body is a secret code only visible in certain lights: the accumulation of a lifeti..
49,00 Lei
Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth
Sifting through centuries of mythmaking, Reza Aslan sheds new light on one of history's most infl..
62,00 Lei
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