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Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House
With extraordinary access to the Trump White House, Michael Wolff tells the inside story of the m..
83,00 Lei
An eleven-year-old girl stops eating, but remains miraculously alive and well. A nurse, sent to i..
47,00 Lei
1493: How Europe's Discovery of the Americas Revolutionized Trade, Ecology and Life on Earth
Two hundred million years ago the earth consisted of a single vast continent, Pangea, surrounded ..
74,00 Lei
1848: Year of Revolution
A brilliant, colourful narrative history of a pivotal year in European history In 1848, Euro..
79,00 Lei
A Buddhist Grief Observed
Amid the world-shattering pain of loss, what helps?  After the death of his beloved par..
57,00 Lei
A Field Guide to Lies and Statistics: A Neuroscientist on How to Make Sense of a Complex World
A guide to critical thinking in the 'post-truth' era, from the author of Sunday Times b..
58,00 Lei
A Grief Observed Readers' Edition
In April 1956, C.S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia, married Joy Davidman, an Amer..
56,00 Lei
A Killing Winter (Inspector Akyl Borubaev)
A hard-hitting rollercoaster of a debut thriller, which marks the arrival of a major new talent i..
52,00 Lei
A Man of Shadows
“This superb novel of light, glass and blood proves again that Jeff Noon is one of our few true v..
52,00 Lei
A Manual for Heartache: How to Feel Better
I devoured A Manual for Heartache in one sitting . . . a kind, honest and wise book abo..
47,00 Lei
A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind
Cleanliness is next to enlightenment. In this Japanese bestseller a Buddhist monk explains the tr..
32,00 Lei
A Spring Betrayal (Inspector Akyl Borubaev)
Inspector Akyl Borubaev's Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan is a lawless post-Soviet metropolis rife with corru..
52,00 Lei
A Treasury of Bible Stories: Eight of Your Very Favourite Tales
From Joseph and his coat to Jonah and the whale, eight classic adventures are brought to life in ..
50,00 Lei
A Wrinkle in Time
Disney takes the classic sci-fi adventure, A Wrinkle in Time to the silver screen! With..
42,00 Lei
Age of Anger: A History of the Present
The kind of vision the world needs right now...Pankaj Mishra shouldn't stop thinking' Christopher..
58,00 Lei
Alone in Berlin - PMC
A tie-in edition of Fallada's best-selling WW2 novel, to accompany the major new film starring Em..
45,00 Lei
Arab Uprisings: The People Want the Fall of the Regime
Jeremy Bowen has been the BBC's Middle East correspondent for twelve years and has been on the gr..
54,00 Lei
Art of Racing in the Rain
A heart-warming and inspirational tale in which Enzo, a loyal family dog, tells the story of his ..
52,00 Lei
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was the founding father of the Turkish Republic. He transformed it from a b..
85,00 Lei
Bad Dreams and Other Stories
Two sisters quarrel over an inheritance and a new baby. A housekeeper caring for a helpless old m..
52,00 Lei
Batman: Nightwalker (DC Icons series)
The highly anticipated coming-of-age story for the world's greatest super hero: BATMAN by the # 1..
46,00 Lei
Bear and the Nightingale
** Voted Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Book of 2017 ** 'Frost-demons have no interes..
52,00 Lei
First Published in the UK as The Scandal AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Bear..
46,00 Lei
Being Ecological (editie de buzunar)
To read Being Ecological is to be caught up in a brilliant display of intellectual pyro..
52,00 Lei
Black Wings of Cthulhu: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror. Vol. 4
Through his collaborations with today’s most talented and acclaimed practitioners of Lovecraftian..
59,00 Lei
Black Wings of Cthulhu: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror. Vol. 5
H. P. Lovecraft’s brand of cosmic horror has long forced readers to an inexorable truth—there are..
59,00 Lei
Book of Strange New Things
“The world changes too fast. You take your eyes off something that's always been there, and the n..
52,00 Lei
Books of Babel 1: Senlin Ascends
A beautifully written, highly engaging, page-turning masterpiece' Fantasy Book Review. ..
52,00 Lei
Bright Earth: The Invention of Colour
Colour in art - as in life - is both inspiring and uplifting, but where does it come from? How ha..
85,00 Lei
Broken Angels
As they came nearer, the black-clad body came into view, lying on its side in the shallows... ..
47,00 Lei
By Blood Divided
Destiny, inheritance, the world shifting from east to west. This is an epic novel set in an age o..
54,00 Lei
Camino Island (format de buzunar)
The sensational new thriller from bestselling author John Grisham. *****The Sunday Times&nbs..
42,00 Lei
Carve the Mark
Veronica Roth’s breathtaking fantasy captures an unusual friendship, an epic love story, and a ga..
46,00 Lei
Child (format de buzunar)
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER ‘Clever and compelling. You’ll love THE CHILD’ Clare M..
42,00 Lei
From the admiralty to the miner's strike, from the Battle of Britain to eventual victory over Naz..
98,00 Lei
Classic Tails: Great Catsby
CLASSIC TAILS - the greatest works of literature, as told by the finest breeds CLASSIC ..
52,00 Lei
Classic Tails: Picture of Dorian Greyhound
CLASSIC TAILS - the greatest works of literature, as told by the finest breeds CLASSIC ..
52,00 Lei
Classic Tails: Pugs and Prejudice
CLASSIC TAILS - the greatest works of literature, as told by the finest breeds CLASSIC ..
52,00 Lei
Classic Tails: Romeow and Juliet
CLASSIC TAILS - the greatest works of literature, as told by the finest breeds We all h..
46,00 Lei
Coin Locker Babies
Two babies are left in a Tokyo station coin locker and survive against the odds, but their lives ..
58,00 Lei
Collapse of Globalism
Globalization is dead. Nation states are resurgent, international trade has enriched the few rath..
64,00 Lei
Collected Works of Kahlil Gibran
Poet, artist and mystic Kahlil Gibran was born in 1883 to a poor Christian family in Lebanon and ..
85,00 Lei
Colossus of New York
By the author of the international bestseller, The Underground Railroad. In a dazzlingl..
52,00 Lei
Colour: Travels Through the Paintbox
On a journey that takes her from Afghanistan, to the Australian outback, to ancient caves in Chin..
76,00 Lei
Confidence Game: The Psychology of the Con and Why We Fall for It Every Time
“At some point, everyone will be deceived. Everyone will fall victim to a confidence artist of on..
52,00 Lei
Constantinople: City of the World's Desire, 1453-1924
Without question one of the best books ever written by an Englishman on the Turks' William Dalrym..
97,00 Lei
Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends on it
A fascinating multi-disciplinary analysis of why curiosity makes the world go round. 'A love..
58,00 Lei
Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy
In Dancing in the Streets Ehrenreich uncovers the origins of communal celebration in hu..
58,00 Lei
Dandelion Dynasty 2: Wall of Storms
Dara is united under the Emperor Ragin, once known as Kuni Garu, the bandit king. There has been ..
52,00 Lei
A daringly entertaining debut about the nature of a good life, and a good death “I thought I..
52,00 Lei
DarkMarket: How Hackers Became the New Mafia
We live our lives online – banking, shopping, working, dating – but have we become complacent?&nb..
52,00 Lei
Dead (Vengeance of Memory)
MADRID, 1982. Comandante Leopoldo Guzmán has decided it is time to disappear. Franco is dead and ..
52,00 Lei
Dinner (Tie-in) (format de buzunar)
An evening in Amsterdam and two couples meet for dinner.They need to discuss their teenage sons.T..
40,00 Lei
Divine Cities 1: City of Stairs
Renowned scholar Dr Efrem Pangui is dead, murdered for his research in Bulikov, the city of stair..
54,00 Lei
DNA: The Story of the Genetic Revolution
Along with Francis Crick, James Watson was the discoverer of the double helix structure of the DN..
74,00 Lei
Dragon's Green
“Some people think opening a book is a simple thing. It’s not. Most people don’t realise that you..
46,00 Lei
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (Costa First Novel Book Award Winner 2017)
The Sunday Times bestseller Soon to be a major motion picture produced by Reese Witherspoon ..
52,00 Lei
Empathy Instinct: How to Create a More Civil Society
How the art and science of compassion can build a better society 'If we hope to meet the mor..
64,00 Lei
Emperor of Lies
A compelling tale of power, corruption and compromise from one of Scandinavia's most revered auth..
49,00 Lei
Euro: And its Threat to the Future of Europe
Can the Euro be saved? Should it be? Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz disman..
54,00 Lei
Exile (Vengeance of Memory)
San Sebastian, 1954: Comandante Guzmán, Franco's one-time favourite secret policeman is out of fa..
52,00 Lei
Explorer (Winner of the Costa Children's Book Award 2017)
Winner of the Costa Children's Book Award  Winner of the London Book Fair Children's ..
48,00 Lei
Eye of the Red Tsar (Inspector Pekkala)
It is the time of the Great Terror. Inspector Pekkala - known as the Emerald Eye - was the most f..
42,00 Lei
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Hogwarts Library Book
An approved textbook at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry since first publication, ..
46,00 Lei
Find Me
A beautifully written thriller with well-drawn characters and a twisting, gripping plot that will..
47,00 Lei
Firefall is the omnibus edition of the novels Blindsight and Echopraxia. ..
52,00 Lei
First Love
Elegantly, beautifully written; Riley's prose is shimmering and luminous... First Love ..
52,00 Lei
First World War: An Illustrated History
A. J. P. Taylor was one of the most acclaimed and uncompromising historians of the twentieth cent..
58,00 Lei
The stunning YA debut from internationally bestselling author Cecelia Ahern. Celestine North..
46,00 Lei
Flawed 2: Perfect
The thrilling, shocking and romantic sequel to the bestselling YA debut FLAWED is finally here. W..
46,00 Lei
Fragile Lives: A Heart Surgeon's Stories of Life and Death on the Operating Table (Shortlisted for the Costa Biography Prize)
52,00 Lei
From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds
Required reading for anyone remotely curious about how they came to be remotely curious' Obs..
58,00 Lei
German Genius: Europe's Third Renaissance, the Second Scientific Revolution and the Twentieth Century
From the end of the Baroque age and the death of Bach in 1750 to the rise of Hitler in 1933, Germ..
69,00 Lei
Girl Who Chased the Moon
Captivating new novel by the author of GARDEN SPELLS will enchant readers looking for light, magi..
54,00 Lei
Giver (Film Tie-In)
In a perfect world, Jonas begins to see the flaws… THE GIVER is the classic award-winning no..
42,00 Lei
Glorious Heresies (Winner of the Baileys' Women's Prize for Fiction 2016)
A big, bold debut from a true new Irish talent. WINNER OF THE BAILEYS' WOMEN'S PRIZE FOR FIC..
54,00 Lei
Gods of Blood and Powder 1: Sins of Empire
The action-packed start to a thrilling new epic fantasy series from award-winning author Brian Mc..
52,00 Lei
Greek Myths: The Complete and Definitive Edition
*The definitive and comprehensive edition of Robert Graves's classic retelling of the Greek myths..
88,00 Lei
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Gryffindor Edition
Celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter magic with four special editions of Harry Potter and the ..
48,00 Lei
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Hufflepuff Edition
Celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter magic with four special editions of Harry Potter and the ..
48,00 Lei
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