24 Hours in Ancient Rome: A Day in the Life of the People Who Lived There (editie cartonata)

ISBN: 9781782438564
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Walk a day in a Roman's sandals.

What was it like to live in one of the ancient world's most powerful and bustling cities - one that was eight times more densely populated than modern day New York?

In this entertaining and enlightening guide, bestselling historian Philip Matyszak introduces us to the people who lived and worked there. In each hour of the day we meet a new character - from emperor to slave girl, gladiator to astrologer, medicine woman to water-clock maker - and discover the fascinating details of their daily lives.

Autor MATYSZAK, Philip
An apariţie 2017
Editura Michael O'Mara
Nr pagini 272
Dimensiuni 21 x 14 cm
Format Hardback
Etichete: matyszak philip
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