Arcadian Nights: Greek Myths Reimagined

ISBN: 9780715651124
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'Arcadian Nights is a brilliant, riveting book that leaves its competitors behind, blinking into the distance, as surely as Theseus left Ariadne' TLS

Sitting on the terrace of his house in Arcadia on the coast of the Peloponnese, the award-winning playwright and novelist John Spurling reimagines the stories of Apollo, Herakles, Theseus, Perseus and Agamemnon, and the gods, demi-gods, monsters and humans who shaped their destinies.

Ancient as they are, the Greek myths as refined by Homer, Hesiod, Herodotus and the great Greek dramatists still resonate at the core of our literature and culture, and may well reveal more about human nature and the world in which we live than reality can ever do. Yet they are less familiar to us today than they once were, or should be, and Arcadian Nights is a vibrant, gripping and spirited interpretation of these timeless tales for both those who have never heard them before, and those who wish to bring them back to mind.

'An excitingly fresh take on the myths, gods and heroes of ancient Greece' The Lady

'This book shines... seamlessly interweaving personal and historical perspectives... Arcadian Nights is good fun' Historical Novels Review

'Classicists and non-classicists alike will love Arcadian Nights... a great book' Oxford Today

'In Spurling's hands myths intersect, intermingle, cross-fertilise, and emerge as unabashedly confident chronicles with their own unique traditions and personalities' Mika Provata-Carlone, Bookanista

'Lively and spellbinding... Spurling is a first-rate storyteller and this collection should delight everyone from the scholar of Greek myths to one reading them for the first time' We Love This Book

'The Greek myths are dusted off from old college readers like Edith Hamilton's Mythology and given new life in this fantastic collection... Well-written, Arcadian Nights will be difficult to put down' New York Journal of Books

'A rare book that brings new life to well-covered material, and is essential reading for mythology fans' Foreword Reviews

'Spurling's passion and enthusiasm and the best of Greek myth shine through' --Julia Jenkins, Pages of Julia

'It has the sensual prose that makes the reader purr with delight & is surely destined to be one of the books of the year.' --Daily Mail

Autor SPURLING, John
An apariţie 2016
Editura Overlook Press
Nr pagini 320
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Etichete: spurling john
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