Empathy Problem: A Novel

ISBN: 9781473605244
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'You can't put it down . . . precise and propulsive . . . a real page-turner' Janice Forsyth Show, BBC Radio Scotland

'It's so good it'll leave you wanting to change your own life' Independent


So far in his life, Gabriel - selfish, arrogant and happy to be so - has only ever thought about two things: money and himself. When he's diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, he doesn't see why anything should change.

But as the tumour grows, something strange starts happening. Whether Gabriel likes it or not, he's becoming . . . nicer. Kinder. A better person.

And then he meets Caitlin. Before, he wouldn't even have glanced at her; now he's entranced. But real change takes time - and time is something Gabriel just doesn't have.

As each day brings him closer to his last, has the one opportunity for a second chance passed him by?

Extence keeps the twists and turns coming, full of mordant wit, until the bitter end. (Daily Mail)

The Empathy Problem is delightful, written in a warm, engaging voice and composed of short chapters that rattle along . . . An accessible read but one that prompts you to think about what it means to live a moral life. It's so good it 'll leave you wanting to change your own life, to be a better person. (Independent)

Witty and sincere . . . very clever (Huffington Post)

Another stand-out book from this outstanding author (Book of the Week The Sun)

A very personal, compassionate and intimate read. Gavin Extence is fast becoming one of my favourite authors, he constantly surprises, challenges and stimulates with his barbed, so beautifully readable books. I sat up reading for most of the night, and even when I had turned the last page, I didn't want to put it down. (Lovereading.co.uk)

Emotional porn for lefties . . . You can't put it down . . . precise and propulsive . . . a real page-turner (Janice Forsyth show BBC Radio Scotland)

It's funny, well observed and heartfelt without being sentimental... a lovely, engaging read that'll leave you resolving to change your own life for the better. (Winq magazine)

Witty, insightful and tender, The Empathy Problem is a triumph. I loved it. (Random things Through my Letterbox blog)

I absolutely loved this story... Extence has such a dry, witty style of writing. (Marie Claire)

Extence's novel is an absolute triumph, once again reiterating his skill for characterisation and voice. (Nudge books)

Autor EXTENCE, Gavin
An apariţie 2018
Editura Hodder
Nr pagini 416
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Etichete: extence gavin
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