Into the Wild

ISBN: 9781509877010
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With an introduction by novelist David Vann

In April 1992, Chris McCandless set off alone into the Alaskan wild. He had given his savings to charity, abandoned his car and his possessions, and burnt the money in his wallet, determined to live a life of independence. Just four months later, Chris was found dead. An SOS note was taped to his makeshift home, an abandoned bus.

In piecing together the final travels of this extraordinary young man's life, Jon Krakauer writes about the heart of the wilderness, its terribly beauty and its relentless harshness. Into the Wild is a modern classic of travel writing, and a riveting exploration of what drives some of us to risk more than we can afford to lose.

A fascinating story of idealism, fantasy, and the dark side of the wilderness experience (Paul Theroux)

Terrifying . . . Eloquent . . . A heart-rending drama of human yearning. (New York Times)

A narrative of arresting force. Anyone who ever fancied wandering off to face nature on its own harsh terms should give a look. It's gripping stuff. (Washington Post)

It may be nonfiction, but Into the Wild is a mystery of the highest order. (Entertainment Weekly)

An astonishingly gifted writer: his account of 'Alex Supertramp' is powerfully dramatic, eliciting sympathy for both the idealistic, anti-consumerist boy - and his parents. (Guardian)

A compelling tale of tragic idealism. (The Times)

A masterpiece of dramatic storytelling (Mail on Sunday)

Autor Krakauer, Jon
An apariţie 2018
Editura Picador
Nr pagini 282
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Etichete: krakauer jon
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