Dregs: A William Wisting Mystery

ISBN: 9781905207671
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In Stavern around midsummer a severed left foot in a training shoe is washed up on the shore. Then another, and yet another. Altogether four left feet in the course of one week. Police Inspector William Wisting has many years of murder experience behind him, but he has never examined evidence like this. Four feet… from four different victims?

'Well founded and filled with suspense, yes indeed, Jorn Lier Horst has once more written a well-founded and tense crime novel, with space for both the expected and the downright surprising. At his best, the author is both a sociologist and a philosopher.' -Terje Stemland, AftenPosten

'Many have known it for a long time, but now it ought to be acknowledged as a truth for all Norwegian readers of crime fiction: William Wisting is one of the great investigators in Norwegian crime novels. He can bear comparison with Thygesen, Sejer and Isaksen (in the best-selling novels of Jon Michelet, Karin Fossum and Unni Lindell).'-Marius Aronsen, Norwegian Book Club

'Once more the Larvik region is the arena for murder and dark deeds, and once again Wisting, now somewhat burned out, uninspired and overworked, confronts a seemingly insoluble criminal mystery.' -Svend E. Hansen, Ostlands, Posten

'Horst is an intelligent and often poetic writer. His storytelling is as measured and precise as his main character. So we hope to see more of William Wisting in the English language soon.' --Crime Fiction Lover

It's a good thing for us English-speakers that Sandstone Press has put out these translations. --Sarah Ward, Crimepieces

Up there with the best of the Nordic crime writers. --Marcel Berlins, The Times

Autor HORST, Jorn Lier
An apariţie 2011
Editura Sandstone Press
Nr pagini 320
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
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