Eastern Front 1914-1917

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A groundbreaking historical study, Norman Stone's The Eastern Front 1914-1917 was the very first authoritative account of the Russian Front in the First World War to be published in the West.

In this now-classic history he dispels the myths surrounding a still relatively little-known aspect of the war, showing how inefficiency rather than economic shortage led to Russia's desperate privations and eventual retreat. He also interprets the connection between the war and the chaos that followed, arguing that although fighting had almost ceased by the end of 1916, Russia was still in turmoil - undergoing a period of change that would inexorably lead towards revolution.

'A landmark in its field ... it is still the best book on the eastern front' Orlando Figes

'A classic account ... that even after thirty years remains essential reading' Sunday Times

'Without question one of the classics of post-war historical scholarship' Niall Ferguson

'One of the outstanding historians of our age' Spectator

'Fills an enormous gap in our knowledge and understanding of the Great War' Sunday Telegraph

Norman Stone is one of Britain's most celebrated historians. He is the author of The Atlantic and its Enemies, Hitler: An Introduction, Europe Transformed and World War One: A Short History.

Autor STONE, Norman
An apariţie 1998
Editura Penguin
Nr pagini 352
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