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Noumena 3: Apostles of Mercy

The third novel in the series that began with instant New York Times bestseller Axiom’s End, this alternate history first-contact adventure deepens the exploration of a world faced with extra terrestrial intelligence.

ISBN:  9781789098259
RRP: 54,00 lei 43,20 lei
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First Contact has not been going well.

The nations of Earth are rapidly militarizing against the arrival of the Superorganism, an alien civilization that promises to destroy humanity before it can develop into a real threat. The Superorganism has done it before–to their distant transient relatives, the rebel Superorganisms–and they could easily do it again. But the alien Ampersand and his human interpreter and liaison Cora Sabino are done with trying to save humanity from both the Superorganism and itself; to them, this is a civilization that does not deserve to be saved.

When a strange new form of communication between the two of them reveals to Cora how alien Ampersand truly is, she begins to question her blind devotion–to say nothing of the wisdom of fleeing Earth with him. But she soon learns of a danger that may force them to leave before either of them are ready: a group of superorganism enemies that been wreaking havoc on Earth for decades. Existence on the margins has made them desperate, hungry, and bent on revenge against any of Ampersand's race whose path they cross. Before Cora and Ampersand can make their final escape, these hostile aliens stage an attack, and take that which is most dear to both of them.

Ampersand's enemies will not consider any form of truce; the greatest threat to them is not from the Superorganism, but from an increasingly fearful and violent human civilization newly aware of their existence, and they will not hesitate to destroy humanity before it destroys them. Cora and Ampersand must go to extreme measures to take back what was stolen and prevent wholesale human extermination–but in doing so they may be no better than the civilizations they are trying to escape.




Editura: Titan Books
An apariție: 2024
Nr. pagini: 528
Dimensiuni: 20 x 13 cm


So much fun. Lindsay Ellis's experience as one of our sharpest cultural observers gives Axiom's End an edge of realism that makes it both cutting and compelling. Close encounters have a whole new look.
-- John Scalzi, New York Times bestselling author and Hugo Award winner

Lindsay Ellis's storytelling is what good science fiction should be: smart but heartfelt, full of profound ideas delivered with a sense of humanity. Axiom's End is engaging precisely because it is about something all of us have experienced: That moment when you grow up enough to realize that the universe is more wondrous-and dangerous than you could ever have imagined.
-- David Wong, New York Times bestselling author

This is as real a first-contact story as I've ever read. It reminds the reader that humanity is on a knife's edge in real life, just as it is in Cora's world. This is a special book that satisfies-a gripping exploration of trust, kindness, family.
-- Hank Green, #1 New York Times bestselling author of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Axiom's End is eerily plausible and wildly entertaining. An alternate history that fully delivers on its premise.
-Caitlin Doughty, New York Times bestselling author and mortician

Axiom's End: if you enjoy first-contact stories, alien cultures, inexplicable found families, beautiful chaos and elegantly constructed stories.
--Seanan McGuire, New York Times bestselling author and Hugo Award winner

A moving first contact thriller...touching on issues of prejudice and xenophobia along the way, Axiom's End is the engaging first volume of a projected series.
- The Guardian

Entertaining and witty.
- Morning Star

Suspenseful and inventive, but also funny and full of action, Axiom's End remixes the Hollywood alien-invasion playbook.
- Patrick Rapa, Philadelphia Inquirer

Communication and trust are matters of life and death in Ellis's thoughtful, fast-paced debut...the powerful connection that grows between Cora and Ampersand as they teach each other about their respective cultures is masterfully done. Lovers of character-focused sci-fi will find plenty to enjoy in this gripping alternate history.
- Publishers Weekly

At its core, Axiom's End is warm-hearted...For all of its drama and philosophical conundrums, Ellis's book is ultimately about the power of empathy and kindness in a universe that never has enough of either.
- Shelf Awareness (starred review)

Axiom's End is the most relatable sci-fi novel in years...if you want to read a serious sci-fi novel that feels like it was written by a fan who understands the pop culture side of fandom, you're in good hands...It's a heartfelt story of alien first contact, but, luckily, unlike so many big idea sci-fi books, it's utterly unpretentious...You've read other books about similar things, but you've never read them from this perspective.
- Syfy Wire

Axiom's End has gripping action scenes, but the bulk is an examination of language and what it means to communicate at all. Ellis' endless literary knowledge shines through.
- San Francisco Chronicle


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