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Around the World in 80 Books

Around the World in 80 Books
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Around the World in 80 Books
  • ISBN: 9780141981499
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'Restlessly curious, insightful, and quirky, David Damrosch is the perfect guide to a round-the-world adventure in reading' Stephen Greenblatt

A transporting and illuminating voyage around the globe, told through eighty classic and modern books

'It is always a pleasure to talk about books with David Damrosch, who has read all of them, and he is so eloquent and understanding about them all' Orhan Pamuk

Inspired by Jules Verne's hero Phileas Fogg, David Damrosch, chair of Harvard's Department of Comparative Literature and founder of Harvard's Institute for World Literature, set out to counter a pandemic's restrictions on travel by exploring eighty exceptional books from around the globe. Following a literary itinerary from London to Venice, Tehran and points beyond, and via authors from Woolf and Dante to Nobel prizewinners Orhan Pamuk, Wole Soyinka, Mo Yan and Olga Tokarczuk, he explores how these works have shaped our idea of the world, and the ways the world bleeds into literature.

To chart the expansive landscape of world literature today, Damrosch explores how writers live in two very different worlds: the world of their personal experience, and the world of books that have enabled great writers to give shape and meaning to their lives. In his literary cartography, Damrosch includes compelling contemporary works as well as perennial classics, hard-bitten crime fiction as well as haunting works of fantasy, and the formative tales that introduce us as children to the world we're entering. Taken together, these eighty titles offer us fresh perspective on perennial problems, from the social consequences of epidemics to the rising inequality that Thomas More designed Utopia to combat and the patriarchal structures within and against which many of these books' heroines have to struggle, from the work of Murasaki Shikibu a millennium ago to that of Margaret Atwood today.

Around the World in 80 Books is a global invitation to look beyond ourselves and our surroundings, and to see our world and its literature in new ways.

"There is an undeniable ease and fluidity to Mr. Brands's narrative, and his use of Cold War archives is impressive."--A. Wess Mitchell, Wall Street Journal

"A reminder that strategic patience was crucial to success in the Cold War."--Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

"What distinguishes The Twilight Struggle [is] his refined mining of its lessons for our own era . . . absorbing."--Brian Stewart, Commentary

"Sometimes to truly understand the future, you must deeply examine the past. Hal Brands brings the profound lessons of the US-Soviet cold war to the unfolding competition with China in The Twilight Struggle."--Admiral James Stavridis, US Navy (Ret.), 16th Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and author of Sea Power: The History and Geopolitics of the World's Oceans

"Good strategy starts with an understanding of history. And no one has thought harder about the lessons of the past than Hal Brands. If you want to know how America can win today's rivalries with Russia and China, read this book about how it triumphed in another twilight struggle: the Cold War."-- Stephen J. Hadley, national security adviser to President George W. Bush

"A masterful account of the Cold War, the perils along the way, and the elements of the U.S.-led western strategy that won that war without ever firing a shot and a superb distillation of the lessons that the always-impressive Brands takes from that struggle as we enter a similar era of renewed great-power rivalries. This is a must-read for those seeking to illuminate the way forward with insights gleaned from the past."--General David Petraeus, US Army (Ret.), former Commander of the Surge in Iraq, US Central Command, and Coalition/US Forces in Afghanistan and former Director of the CIA

"This thoughtful, evocative, and captivating book is one of the best you can read to understand how America has won long-term strategic competitions with other great powers in the past, and the hard choices that are likely ahead in the brewing long-term competition with China."--Robert O. Work, 32nd U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense
Autor DAMROSCH, David
An apariţie 2022
Editura Pelican
Nr pagini 496
Dimensiuni 18 x 11 cm
Format Paperback, A
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