-20% Book of Man 2: Broken Chalice
Autor WELCH, Jane
An apariţie 2002
Editura Harper Voyager
Nr pagini 530
Dimensiuni 18 x 11 cm
Format Paperback, A

Book of Man 2: Broken Chalice

  • Cod produs: 9780007112500
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  • 28,80 Lei


After Isolde disrupted the ceremony at the amphitheatre by plunging her bleeding arm into the Chalice of Ond, contaminating the spell and damaging the Chalice, Silas has escaped, taking the magical cup with him.

Forced underground to escape the furious swarms of hobgoblins intent on revenge, Caspar, Brid and the youths are torn between going after Silas and returning home to the hill fortress of Torra Alta and Hal, who waits unknowing if his family is alive or dead. To make matters worse, Isolde gradually falls ill; her injured arm is infected and the disease is spreading rapidly, mutating her flesh. Brid's attempts to heal the young priestess seem hopeless so they must seek help elsewhere; fo if the Trinity of Priestess is weakened, Belbidia and her people will never be able to resist attack, especially if Silas finds a way of mending the Chalice.

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