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Brooklyn Crime Novel

Brooklyn Crime Novel is a breathtaking tour de force of a quarter of a city and the humanity it contains, and an epic interrogation of how we fashion stories to contain the uncontainable: our remorse at the world we've made

Release Date: 01.08.2024
ISBN:  9781838952211
RRP: 60,00 lei 48,00 lei
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1978 and two 14-year-old white boys are creating dubious art by using a hacksaw to cut multiple quarters into pieces. A child who's just bought ice cream from a Mr. Softee truck witnesses a daylight sidewalk shooting in 1979. At another time, a couple of blocks over, a kid gets caught trying to shoplift an adult magazine from a Puerto Rican hole-in-the-wall. A Black teenager and his white friends square up to a rival Italian gang over the right to play hockey in the street. In 1977 a white kid craters a baseball right in the centre of a Cuban guy's windscreen. And so it goes.

On the streets of Brooklyn, the faces of the children change but the patterns remain the same: sex; boredom; friendship; violence; a million daily crimes committed, some small, some unimaginably big. But the real action is away from the streets, played out behind closed doors by parents; cops; renovators; landlords; gentrifiers; those who write the headlines, the histories, and the laws; those who award this neighbourhood its name and control its shifting demographics. Across the decades, buildings are developed and homes are razed; communities come in and muscle other communities out; the past haunts the present and perspectives change, so that perpetrators sometimes become victims, and victims sometimes become the worst criminals of all...


Editura: Atlantic Books
An apariție: 2024
Nr. pagini: 384
Dimensiuni: 20 x 13 cm


“Brooklyn Crime Novel surveys the deep fissures that surface when the pull of home is stronger than nostalgia. . . . What more is there to say about Brooklyn? Lethem’s revisionist project ultimately unsays as much as it says. ‘[C]ertain matters fall into wells of silence without necessarily being lies...,’ he writes. ‘The street may seem to swallow knowledge about itself, to render certain things unsayable.’ But the novel is also an endless declaration of love. Every neighborhood deserves such a discursive portrait, such ruthless devotion and such an audacious book.” — Lauren LeBlanc, Los Angeles Times

"Tracking the slippery, overlapping paths of gentrification and crime are a vast cast of characters for whom time and space bend and retract in this expansive novel." — Boston Globe

“By stripping Brooklyn Crime Novel of all the traditional narrative structures and character names and faces and descriptors outside of race, [Lethem] presents a story of gentrification without sentimentality. . . . I was moved by its insights about all that we’ve lost: the wild abandon of kids running the streets, the vital awareness they had of one another’s lives. . . . I was raised in Brooklyn too. . .and he remains, among my childhood friends and I, somewhat of a literary patron saint: the Brooklyn boy who did us proud by immortalizing our borough in contemporary fiction.” — Xochitl Gonzalez, The Atlantic

“[An] intricately excavated, breathtaking tale of imperiled childhood in a fitfully gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood. . . . With Brooklyn as a microcosm of human folly and strife, Lethem’s virtuoso, many-faceted novel is trenchant, hilarious, wrenching, and tender.” — Booklist (starred)

“Jonathan Lethem creates a vivid portrait of the borough of Brooklyn over 50 years of profound social and economic change. . . . Anyone attuned by personal experience to the vibrancy and edginess of New York City life, or who simply enjoys reading about it, will find something to savor here.” — Shelf Awareness

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