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Muddy Puddle

E o zi fierbinte si nu mai curge apa la ferma lui Fred. Animalele si pasarile cred ca se vor praji! Dar Fred are o idee grozava... Text scris foarte simplu, cu caractere mari, ilustratii color. ..

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My 123 Sticker Activity Book

A fantastic book of counting fun! A great introduction to 1-10, with beautiful illustrations and fantastic stickers. Perfect for providing entertainment at home or on the move! ..

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My Christmas Coloring Book

A fantastically festive colouring book! Packed full of Christmas doodles and stickers for hours of colouring fun. This book is the ultimate in Christmas colouring with brilliantly festive illustrations as well as over 100 stickers to extend the fun. Perfect for providing entertainment at home or on the move! ..

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My Daddy Stoc momentan epuizat

My Daddy

There are so many dads in the world, and they are all different. From Kangaroo Dad who is great at bouncing to Tiger Dad who has the scariest roar, every dad is brilliant. But whose daddy is the best? A fun and playful celebration of all dads, everywhere...

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My Mummy Stoc momentan epuizat

My Mummy

I could travel round the world And know I'd never find A mummy even half as nice Or brilliant as mine! From playing games to making things and cuddling her baby tight, Little Bear's mum is great at everything! But best of all, she belongs to Little Bear! ..

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My Pink Paper Fairy Activity Book

Carte de activitati cu file roz si cu un set de creioane colorate lipite de coperta ..

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My Very Twirly Ballerina

Little ballerinas – let's dance! At Bright Star Ballet School, the dancers love to leap, twirl and pirouette.  Press the button to hear the sound of beautiful music, as you play a special game on every page! ..

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Mystery Thief: Peter Rabbit Animation

Beatrix Potter's timeless character Peter Rabbit comes to life in a brand new series based on her well-loved children's books. Mischievous, charming and brave, Peter is a hero who overcomes obstacles, outwits predators and dodges danger on his exciting adventures. Lovingly created in soft pastel hues and set amidst the sweeping landscapes of the Lake District, The Tale of the Radish Robber sees ..

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Nothing Can Frighten a Bear

Daddy Bear insists that nothing can frighten a bear - but when there's a noise in the night, Baby Bear isn't convinced. The bears set out to make sure there aren't any monsters but, as they vanish one by one, it looks like Daddy Bear might not be so brave after all!..

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Nursery Rhyme Rainbow

Fiecare ilustratie e insotita de cateva versuri care trimit spre o culoare a curcubeului. La fel, fiecare ilustratie evoca o poezie foarte cunoscuta. Frumusetea ilustratiilor lui Alison Jay, ca de faianta, vor incanta si copiii, si parintii. ..

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Ilustratiile semnate de Alison Jay fac din aceasta carte un cadou pretios si pentru oamenii mari ..

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Oi Cat!

The laughter never ends with Oi Frog and friends ... Don't miss this hilarious follow-up to Oi Frog! and Oi Dog! from the award-winning Kes Gray and Jim Field. A brilliant rhyming read-aloud text, jam-packed with animals and silliness - perfect for children and parents alike. According to Frog ... Cats sit on gnats, Dogs sit on logs, Raccoons sit on macaroons, Armadillos sit on pillows..

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For six decades, stories of Paddington Bear have delighted children all over the world. The classic story of the bear from Darkest Peru who arrived at Paddington Station with nothing but a suitcase, a half-empty jar of marmalade and a label that read, ‘Please look after this bear. Thank you.’ Mr and Mrs Brown discovered him, named him Paddington and welcomed him to their home, where he has lived ..

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Paddington 2: Sticker Activity Book (Movie Tie-in)

Paddington is back in a smash-hit new movie! Celebrate the return of the bear from darkest Peru with this fantastic sticker activity book. Meet your favourite characters and make some new friends along the way as the marmalade-loving bear returns for another sticky adventure. Based on the plot of the brand new hit family film and featuring glossy images from the movie, this amazing activit..

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Peanuts: Best Friends (RIY 1)

Charlie Brown wants to play with his friends, but they are all too busy. Does anyone have time for Charlie Brown? Read it yourself with Ladybird is one of Ladybird's best-selling series. For over thirty-five years it has helped young children who are learning to read develop and improve their reading skills. Each Read it yourself book is very carefully written to include many key, hig..

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Peanuts: Best Friends (RIY 1)

Charlie Brown wants to play with his friends, but they are all too busy. Does anyone have time for Charlie Brown? Read it yourself with Ladybird is one of Ladybird's best-selling series. For over thirty-five years it has helped young children who are learning to read develop and improve their reading skills. Each Read it yourself book is very carefully written to include many key, hig..

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Peanuts: Best of Friends

Peanuts Best of Friends is a heart-warming storybook about Charlie Brown wanting desperately to hang out with his best buddies. But unfortunately they are all just too busy doing other things! Will anyone find time for him? Find out in this hilarious tale of true friendship, with Charlie Brown, Snoopy and friends. ..

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Peanuts: Happy Birthday, Snoopy!

Happy Birthday, Snoopy! is a hilarious new picture book based on the classic comic strips by Charles Schulz. Does Snoopy have a birthday? Does anyone know when it is? Join Charlie Brown as he tries to give Snoopy a birthday surprise to remember! ..

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Peanuts: Snoopy Saves the Day!

Peanuts Snoopy Saves the Day is a brand new Snoopy and Charlie Brown storybook. It's a windy day and Charlie Brown is doing everything he can to get his kite up in the sky. But how will he ever get it to fly when he's faced with kite-eating trees? Find out, in this hilarious Snoopy and friends storybook. ..

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Peanuts: Snoopy's Holiday Activity Book

Join Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang on their holidays in Snoopy's awesome Holiday Activity Book! Packed full of holiday-themed puzzles, activities, games, mazes, colouring and lots and lots of stickers - perfect holiday fun or inflight entertainment for little ones! ..

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Peanuts: Snoopy's Sticker Activity Book

Join Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang in Snoopy's Sticker Activity Book. This awesome book is full of puzzles, games, mazes, colouring, lots and lots of stickers and absolutely no cats! ..

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Peekaboo Moon: Rhyming Flap Book

Adorable illustrations by Kate Merritt and a simple story with a sing-song chorus of "Night, night, baby", give Peekaboo Moon! tons of appeal. There are flaps to lift and babies to play peekaboo with, plus a mirror that reveals your baby's own cheeky face at the end of the story. Thoughtfully designed and beautifully produced, Peekaboo Moon! is a brilliant bedtime treat. ..

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Penguin Small

Penguin Small is a classic story by Mick Inkpen with a surprise giant fold-out page. It tells the story of the last North Pole penguin, who as it turns out was also the smallest penguin! He wants to join his friends in the South Pole, but he's afraid of the water. If only penguins could fly...Penguin Small is a classic story with giant fold out pages, and as ever, vintage Inkpen ilustrations for..

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Peppa Pig: Daddy and Me (Sticker Coloring Book)

Peppa loves drawing pictures of her daddy. Make your own special scrapbook about yours with help from Peppa Pig. With a free pull-out frame for a picture of your daddy and a sheet of stickers. ..

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Peter Rabbit: Based on the Major New Movie

The mischievous, adventurous Peter Rabbit is hopping into cinemas for the first time ever on 16th March. This is the chapter book based on the major new movie. Peter Rabbit is always breaking into Old Mr McGregor's garden and stealing his vegetables. And it's always getting him into trouble! But everything is about to change . . . Will Peter finally be able to take control of the vegetable..

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Peter's Secret Mission: Peter Rabbit Animation

Grumpy Old Brown has stolen Peter's journal, left to him by his dad. Peter, Lily and Benjamin and their squirrel friends set off on a top secret mission to Owl Island to get it back. But when Nutkin is in danger Peter must make a choice: Will he save his precious journal or his special friend? ..

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Picture This… PB

Words and images combine on each page of this picture book to create an introduction to familiar words that children and their parents will want to return to again and again. ..

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From Snow White, Cinderella and Pinocchio to ¬ The Little Mermaid, ¬ The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan: twelve of the most famous children's fairy tales of all time, gathered together in a series of essential volumes, must-haves for every budding reader's library. All children can discover or rediscover their favourite characters and identify themselves in their adventures thanks to these original ..

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Pip and Posy: Look and Say

Join Pip and Posy as they have fun in the park, nibble on some snacks, play with their train set, and share a bath at the end of the day. With busy scenes and a 'Can you find these things?' panel at the bottom of each spread - to encourage the reader to spot the objects within the scenes - this book will keep very youngest of readers occupied for hours. ..

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Pip and Posy: New Friend

Pip and Posy are having a lovely day at the seaside, collecting shells and digging the sand. But when Posy has a nap, Pip makes friends with a boy called Zac who has lots more toys and beach gear. A funny and dramatic story about working out that two's company and three's a... PARTY! ..

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Pip and Posy: the Bedtime Frog

When Posy goes to stay at Pip's house they have lots of fun together before bedtime. But just as they switch out the light, disaster strikes: Posy realises that she has forgotten her favourite frog toy. Keen to help his distraught friend, Pip offers Posy a range of different toys to substitute for her frog, including his own favourite frog money box. But none of them will do: "That's the wrong fro..

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Pip and Posy: the Big Balloon

Pip is very proud of his big red balloon. But when he lets the balloon go and it pops, he isinconsolable. Luckily, Posy has a clever idea to cheer up her friend and soon they are having fun again!..

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Pip and Posy: the Scary Monster

When Pip comes to Posy's house wearing a scary monster mask, he gives Posy a bit of a fright! Oh, dear! But when she works out it's only Pip, she feels much better, and they share the biscuits she's made. Hooray! ..

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Pip and Posy: the Snowy Day Stoc momentan epuizat

Pip and Posy: the Snowy Day

Pip and Posy can't wait to go out and play in the snow. They have fun, until they decide to build a snowman and things start to go pear-shaped. Pip wants to build a snowRABBIT but Posy wants a snowMOUSE! Oh dear! Happily they resolve their differences over a cosy craft session indoors...

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Pip and Posy: the Super Scooter

Pip and Posy are typical toddlers: they are best friends and they have fun... but sometimes, just like any other toddler, they get cross and sad, so sometimes it takes friendship, sharing and understanding - and a cuddle - to make things better. In Pip and Posy and the Super Scooter, Posy snatches Pip's scooter and tries to ride it, but she falls off and hurts her knee. Though Pip was very cross, ..

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Please Mr Panda

With a Jon Klassen appeal, Steve Antony is the one to watch. Panda has a tray of doughnuts. Animal after animal tells him the one they want, but it's only when Lemur says 'please' politely that Panda will give any out! A witty and stylish lesson that manners will get you EVERYTHING. Even a trayload of doughnuts. 'A simple morality tale...does the job beautifully.' (The Times - Children's Book..

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Plenty of Love to Go Round

When Binky the cat moves in next door, Plum can't understand why everyone likes him so much. But she soon learns that there's no need to be jealous and there's plenty of love to go round. Inspired by her hugely popular Plumdog Blog, this charming story explores how to deal with feelings of jealousy. “Among the many flavours of children’s books, that of Emma Chichester Clark’s – funny, eleg..

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Popstar's Wedding (No. 1 Boy Detective)

Damian Drooth, the one-of-a-kind detective hero, is back. Criminals beware! A superstar singer, Tiger Lilly, is getting married to a footballer. Who better to guard her fabulous wedding pressents than her number one fan, the genius private eye Damian Drooth? Will Damian's amazing brain power and cunning plans be enough to track down some notorious crooks among the wedding guests and win Tiger..

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Princess and the Christmas Rescue

Princess Eliza is brilliant at making toys and gadgets, but her mum wants her to start making friends instead. In Santa's workshop, the elves are worried - with Santa ill, how will they ever get everything ready for Christmas? Luckily, Eliza arrives with her inventing skills to save the day, and make some unexpected friends along the way. A festive fourth title in the successful Princess series th..

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Princess and the Giant

Princess Sophie is fed up. She's EXHAUSTED and it's all because that grumpy old giant can't sleep - his stomps and stamps keep everyone awake ALL night. But Princess Sophie is a resourceful sort of girl and, as she reads her favourite book of fairy tales, she wonders if she might just have the answer. She bravely climbs the beanstalk and takes a tasty bowl of porridge, a teddy to cuddle and even..

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Princess and the Peas

Lily-Rose May will not eat her peas. Even when her father turns them into the most fabulous smoothies, shakes or cupcakes, Lily can always tell they are there and turns her little nose up at them. Luckily, the doctor knows exactly what to do. He diagnoses an incurable case of Princess-itus and sends Lily to live at the palace. Unfortunately for Lily-Rose May, the perfect food for a princess is .....

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Princess and the Presents

Princess Ruby really is a horrid child - the most spoilt princess you could ever meet. And when it's her birthday, there are so many presents, the palace literally bulges at the seams. Was there ever a more selfish princess? But when the palace and gifts finally collapse upon the poor king, the tiny tyrant realises that she has overlooked the most precious thing of all. And, luckily for Ruby, it's..

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Princess and the Wizard

"The princess may try seven times to escape By changing her colour and changing her shape." But each time Princess Eliza changes - into a blue fish, a yellow chick, a red fox or a black cat - the wicked wizard finds her and sets her another horrible task. Will this plucky princess be able to outwit him and escape back to the palace in time to cut her birthday cake? The Princess and the Wi..

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Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon

Imagine Ellen's surprise when Princess Mirror-Belle climbs out of the bathroom mirror! She comes from a world where bubble fish swim in the bath, elves sleep in slippers, and brave knights fight fire-breathing dragons. And while Ellen has chicken pox, Mirror-Belle has dragon pox - but she knows just the cure. Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox is a magical story from the stellar picture..

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Queen's Hat

With a Jon Klassen appeal, Steve Antony, a debut author-illustrator, is the one to watch. A sudden gust of wind sets off a marvellous London adventure for the Queen, the Queen's men and one very special hat. So let's follow one determined, daredevil queen through the zoo, over Tower Bridge and up Big Ben...just where will that hat land? A witty and stylish celebration of London, the Queen ..

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Read It Yourself Pack Level 3 (4 books + workbook + parent notes)

The pack contains four level 3 storybooks (Jack and the Beanstalk, The elves and the Shoemaker, Rapunzel and Hansel and Gretel), a Workbook and helpful parent notes. It is perfect for more confident readers who can read simple stories with help. ..

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Red Knight (Read It Yourself 3)

Tom is a squire whose greatest wish is to be a knight one day, just like his big brother Will. But when Will goes away, there's no one left to squire for, until one day a new knight arrives... Read it yourself with Ladybird is one of Ladybird's best-selling series. For over thirty-five years it has helped young children who are learning to read develop and improve their reading skills. Each R..

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