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Art Game: Artists' Trump Cards

Art Game: Artists' Trump Cards
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Art Game: Artists' Trump Cards
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  • ISBN: 9781856699532
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Piet Mondrian or Andy Warhol – Damien Hirst or Banksy – whose artworks have been the most influential? The most shocking? The most expensive? How about their versatility or critical reception? These playing cards allow art lovers of all ages to play their favourite artists against each other to discover who rules the art world.

"A new way to look at, enjoy and understand contemporary art that should find its way onto Christmas displays throughout the realm." - The Bookseller

"Who is the most shocking? The most influential? The most expensive? Prepare to be top-trumped." - Red Magazine

"Hockney and Bourgeois go head-to-head for the most beautiful and it's a face-off between Picasso, Mondrian and Hirst for the ultimate 'shock of the new' effect. Now you can pit legendary artists against each other in a card game for art lovers." - The Guardian

"Long journeys will never be boring again if you pack these art trump cards." - Stylist
Autor CAHILL, James & SOMMER, Mikkel (il)
An apariţie 2014
Editura Laurence King Publishing
Nr pagini 34
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Cuvinte cheie: cahill james , sommer mikkel