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Murder Maps: Crime Scenes Revisited; Phrenology to Fingerprint 1811-1911

Murder Maps: Crime Scenes Revisited; Phrenology to Fingerprint 1811-1911
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Murder Maps: Crime Scenes Revisited; Phrenology to Fingerprint 1811-1911
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  • ISBN: 9780500252451
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A cartographic exposition of the 19th century's most dramatic and intriguing murders from the world's most crime-ridden cities and regions

The most captivating and intriguing 19th-century murders from around the world are re-examined in this disquieting volume, which takes readers on a perilous journey around the world s most benighted regions. In each area, murders are charted with increasing specificity: beginning with city- or region-wide overviews, drilling down to street-level diagrams and zooming-in to detailed floor plans. All the elements of each crime are meticulously replotted on archival maps, from the prior movements of both killer and victim to the eventual location of the body.

The murders revisited range from the French Ripper Joseph Vacher, who roamed the French countryside brutally murdering and mutilating over twenty shepherds and shepherdesses, to H.H. Holmes, who built a hotel in Chicago to entrap, murder and dispose of its many guests. Crime expert Dr Drew Gray illuminates the details of each case, recounting both the horrifying particulars of the crimes themselves and the ingenious detective work that led to the eventual capture of the murderers. He highlights the development of police methods and technology: from the introduction of the police whistle to the standardization of the mugshot and from the invention of fingerprinting to the use of radio telegraphy to capture criminals. Disturbing crime-scene photographs by pioneers of policework, such as Alphonse Bertillon, and contemporary illustrations from the sensationalist magazines of the day, including the Illustrated Police News and the Petit Journal, complete the macabre picture.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Sensationalized Murder & the Rise of the Detective Part 1: London, England Suffolk, England Liverpool, England Glasgow, Scotland Paris, France Auvergne, France Bavaria, Germany Vienna, Austria Budapest, Hungary Prague + Polná, Bohemia Emilia Romagna, Italy Madrid, Spain Part 2: New York City, USA Massachusetts, USA Indiana, USA Chicago, USA Kansas, USA San Francisco, USA Part 3: New South Wales, Australia Victoria, Australia Criminology Matrix
Autor GRAY, Drew
An apariţie 2020
Editura Thames & Hudson
Nr pagini 224
Dimensiuni 26 x 18 cm
Format Hardback
Cuvinte cheie: drew gray