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Anatomy: A Crash Course

Anatomy: A Crash Course
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Anatomy: A Crash Course
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  • ISBN: 9781782408598
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Anatomy: A Crash Course teaches you everything you need to know about your own anatomy, its body parts, systems, fantastic functions and flaws.

Part of the Crash Course series, the book is divided into four chapters, covering:
The head and neck
The chest
The abdominopelvicregion
The back and limbs

Each chapter contains an overview and thirteen illustrated topics, each broken down into small, digestible chunks. ‘Gross anatomy’ depicts the features and function of the body part, while ‘Clinical anatomy’ reveals what happens when things go wrong. Finally, ‘Dissection’ provides the unusual and lesser-known secrets of our bodies. With an introduction to the history of anatomy, an illustrated timeline and biographies, plus feature spreads covering topics from the language of anatomy to electrochemical signalling, this is the perfect crash course for budding anatomists.If you like this, you might also be interested in Psychology: A Crash Course . . .
Autor Joanna Matthan
An apariţie 2019
Editura Ivy Press
Nr pagini 160
Dimensiuni 23 x 18 cm
Format Hardback
Cuvinte cheie: joanna matthan