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EU: An Obituary

EU: An Obituary
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EU: An Obituary
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  • ISBN: 9781784784249
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With Britain leaving the EU, now is the time for an obituary for the EU as an institution. In this short, rigorously argued book, updated after Brexit, John R. Gillingham tells the history of an idea that has soured and withered away. He reveals the failures from its postwar origins to set out what the EU was; the role that Delors played in creating the neoliberal monster it is today, and the contemporary - crises; refugees, Brexit, the Euro - that the current institution fails to deal with.

'As a means to take corrective actions and ultimately save the EU, Gillingham pursues a historically driven reassessment of the EU's past aimed at examining missteps, discovering subsequent solutions, and offering a glimpse into a potential future. In light of the its uneven course during its years of formation, expansion, and consolidation while currently faced with systemic threats, the EU requires fundamental reforms to remain relevant in an increasingly globalized international system.' --- Choice

'John Gillingham has established himself as one of those very rare commentators who can read European history in three dimensions.' --- Norman Stone, Oxford University

'An excellent, up-to-date history of the EU which overturns many preconceived ideas and challenges the views of Eurofanatics and Eurosceptics alike.' --- Ian Sked, London School of Economics

An apariţie 2018
Editura Verso Books
Nr pagini 336
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Cuvinte cheie: gillingham john