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Bodily Harm

Bodily Harm
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Bodily Harm
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  • ISBN: 9780099740810
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Rennie Wilford, a young jounalist running from her life, takes an assignment to a Caribbean island and tumbles into a world where no one is what they seem. When the burnt-out Yankee Paul (does he smuggle dope or hustle for the CIA?) offers her a no-hooks, no strings affair, she is caught up in a lethal web of corruption.

"One of the most richly entertaining novels I've read for years" Guardian

"A beautifully written, witty and often poignant account of a brave woman's attempt to come to terms with her situation and recover her spirits" -- Nina Bawden Daily Telegraph

"What makes her book so considerable an achievement is the mature, informed accuracy of its view of life. What makes it so exhilarating is the profusion of tough wit and precise poetry that everywhere transforms its black bulletins from documentary into art" -- Peter Kemp Times Literary Supplement

"The only way to describe my response to Bodily Harm is to say that it knocked me out... She tosses off perfect scenes with a casualness that leaves you utterly inprepared for the way these stories seize you" New York Times

Autor ATWOOD, Margaret
An apariţie
Editura Vintage
Nr pagini 302
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Cuvinte cheie: atwood margaret