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Ottoman Secret

Ottoman Secret
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Ottoman Secret
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  • ISBN: 9781405939614
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'The best what if thriller for a long, long time' LEE CHILD


Kamal Agha is a special investigator for the state police, forced to uphold the feared sultan's strict regime.

When a mysteriously tattooed, naked man appears by the Seine and murders a passerby, it's up to Kamal to track him down.

But it's a trail that leads him to an astonishing secret.

A secret that exposes an empire of lies - and which the sultan's men will do anything to keep hidden.

Forced on the run, Kamal knows he will be killed for what he knows - unless he dares use it to save himself.

But doing so could wipe out his whole world, and everyone he ever loved along with it . . .

This fast-paced adventure packed with thrills and intrigue, will appeal to fans of The Man in the High Castle.


'A sweeping and cinematic dystopian thriller that wears its smartness on its sleeve' Independent

'Alternate histories don't get much better than this . . . A classic of the genre' Publishers Weekly

'An alternative history tale that will blow your mind. Thoroughly engrossing' DAVID BALDACCI

'A thrilling tour de force. Left me in awe' JAMES ROLLINS

'A masterpiece on a grand scale. A stellar epic' STEVE BERRY

'A world-class writer of pure-bred thrillers' Daily Telegraph

The best what-if thriller for a long, long time (LEE CHILD)

A tour de force in both storytelling and breadth of concept. It is story not just of an alternate history but a cautionary tale that directly impacts and reflects upon the struggles of our time and place. It is thrilling, disturbing, inspiring, and left me all too often in awe. This book will make you look at history-and your role in it-in an all new light. Be prepared to be forever impacted, forever changed. (JAMES ROLLINS)

A dystopian thriller that wears its smartness on its sleeve . . . will appeal to fans of The Handmaid's Tale . . . I suspect that this summer, you'll never be far from someone who has been claimed by The Ottoman Secret (Independent)

Alternate histories don't get much better than this thought-provoking mind bender... Superior and plausible worldbuilding matches an ingeniously imaginative conceit. This ranks as a classic of the genre. (Publishers Weekly)

The Ottoman Secret is a masterpiece. A compelling saga, on a grand scale, with food for thought on every fascinating page. It's a breath of fresh air, an alternate history firing on all cylinders that will stay with you long after finishing. A stellar epic. (STEVE BERRY)

A world-class writer of pure-bred thrillers (Daily Telegraph)

Raymond Khoury has created an alternative history tale that will blow your mind. A story strung along the centuries that is thoroughly engrossing and one you will long remember. (DAVID BALDACCI)

The real excitement in Khoury's complex multi-plot comes not from the thrills on the surface, but from the ideas underneath (The Wall Street Journal)

Alternate history...tons of adventure...this is real fun. Not just an intelligent, immersive thriller, but also a timely visit to a reality that easily could've been. So well researched and written it feels chillingly real. As thought-provoking as it is entertaining.

Alternative history yarns are still very much in vogue and Raymond Khoury has come up with a fine addition to the genre. (Weekend Sport)
Autor KHOURY, Raymond
An apariţie 2019
Editura Penguin
Nr pagini 576
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Cuvinte cheie: khoury raymond