A Town Like Alice (Vintage Summer)
An apariţie 2015
Editura Vintage Classics
Nr pagini 368
Dimensiuni 18 x 11 cm
Format Paperback, A

A Town Like Alice (Vintage Summer)

  • Cod produs: 9781784870027
  • Disponibilitate: În Stoc
  • 39,00 Lei


"We used to sit by the river and watch the sun setting behind the mountains, sometimes, and say what a marvellous place it would be to come for a holiday".

Jean Paget is just twenty years old and working in Malaya when the Japanese invasion begins. When she is captured she joins a group of other women and children whom the Japanese force to walk for miles through the jungle leading to the deaths of many. Due to her courageous spirit, Jean takes on the role of leader of the sorry gaggle of prisoners. While on the march, the group run into an Australian prisoner, Joe Harman, who helps them steal some food, and is horrifically punished as a result. Jean's adventures, and her bond with Joe, form the heart of this gripping and moving story. This title comes with an introduction by Eric Lomax.

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