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Animal Poems (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Animal Poems (editie cartonata)

This is a collection of classic animal poems. The poems include: Robert Burns's To a Mouse; Ted Hughes's Hawk Roosting; Christopher Smart's My Cat Jeoffry; and e.e. cummings's grasshopper-shaped poem...

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Anna Akhmatova: Poems (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Anna Akhmatova: Poems (editie cartonata)

From her appearance in a small magazine in 1906 to her death in 1965, Anna Akhmatova was a dominant presence in Russian literary life. But this friend of Pasternak and Mandelstam was a poet in a country where poetry was literally a matter of life and death, as she found when Mandelstam and her own husband, Gumilyev, were executed, and her son imprisoned for many years in the Gulag. Akhmatova's fi..

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Arabic Poems (editie cartonata) -20%

Arabic Poems (editie cartonata)

The Arabic poetic legacy is as vast as it is deep, spanning a period of fifteen centuries in regions from Morocco to Iraq. As a unifying principle, editor Marlé Hammond has selected eighty poems reflecting desire and longing of various kinds: for the beloved, for the divine, for the homeland, and for change and renewal. Poets include the legendary pre-Islamic warrior 'Antara Ibn Shaddad, medieval ..

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Art and Artists (editie cartonata) -20%

Art and Artists (editie cartonata)

Painting and sculpture have inspired great poetry, but so also have photography, calligraphy, tapestry and folk art. Included here are poems celebrating Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa', Monet's 'Waterlilies' and Grant Wood's 'American Gothic'; well-known poems such as Keats's 'Ode on a Grecian Urn' and Auden's 'Musée de Beaux-Arts', Homer's immortal account of the forging of the Shield of Achilles..

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Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump (editie cartonata) -20%

Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump (editie cartonata)

What if there's a hidden dimension to Donald Trump; a sensitive, poetic side? Driven by this question, Rob Sears began combing Trump's words for signs of poetry.What he found was a revelation. By simply taking the 45th President of the United States' tweets and transcripts, cutting them up and reordering them, Sears unearthed a trove of beautiful verse that was just waiting to be discovered.This g..

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Cat Poems (format de buzunar) -20%

Cat Poems (format de buzunar)

You Know How a Catwill bring a mouse it hascaught and lay it at yourfeet so each morning Ibring you a poem thatI've written when I wokeup in the night as my tributeto your beauty &a promise of my love.-James LaughlinAcross the ages, cats have provided their adopted humans with companionship, affection, mystery, and innumerable metaphors.Cats raise a mirror up to their beholders; cats endlessly..

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Cavafy Poems (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Cavafy Poems (editie cartonata)

In 2009 Knopf published a new translation of Cavafy's Complete Poems by the brilliant and award-winning writer and scholar Daniel Mendelsohn. Now Mendelsohn has made a selection of the poet's best-loved works for a Pocket Poets edition, including such favorites as "Waiting for the Barbarians," "Ithaca," and "The God Abandons Antony." Whether advising Odysseus as he returns home to Ithaca or portra..

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Complete Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe (Signet) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Complete Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe (Signet)

Explore the transcendent world of unity and ultimate beauty in Edgar Allan Poe’s verse in this complete poetry collection. Although best known for his short stories, Edgar Allan Poe was by nature and choice a poet. From his exquisite lyric “To Helen,” to his immortal masterpieces, “Annabel Lee,” “The Bells,” and “The Raven,” Poe stands beside the celebrated English romantic poets Shelley, Byr..

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Crossing the Carpathians -20%

Crossing the Carpathians

Crossing the Carpathians is a collection of poems about exile, family, and the survival of love. Carmen Bugan was born in Romania, and her book has its origins in her experiences during the 1980s, as a child of political dissidents and as an exile from her country. Written in America, Ireland, and England, her poems are about crossing countries and languages, recording loss and celebration, reconc..

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Dog Poems -20%

Dog Poems

Since prehistory, dogs have served as man's best friend, giving us loyalty, assistance and boundless inspiration.Dogs offer comfort and amusement to their owners; they provide solace when we're sad, entertaining antics when we're bored and affection every day. To poets in particular, these beloved creatures are the most bountiful muses, as they bark, yip, hunt, fetch, growl and slumber, reflecting..

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Dog Poems (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Dog Poems (editie cartonata)

If you believe that a dog is man’s – and woman’s – best friend, this is the anthology for you: six hundred years of reflections on the virtues (and some of the vices) of canine kind. Within these pages you will find a large selection of animals and an even larger variety of poets, some big and cuddly, others small and well-equipped with teeth. Dame Juliana Berners anatomizes a good greyhound, Lord..

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Erotic Poems: Selected Poems (editie cartonata) -20%

Erotic Poems: Selected Poems (editie cartonata)

In a volume which follows on from and complements the Everyman Pocket LOVE POEMS, we have assembled a wide range erotic verse from ancient India and China to present-day Britain. Though these are poems of the body, and bawdy verse is represented by such writers as Rochester, the volume is in no sense pornographic. The emphasis is on the tender, sensuous, witty and passionate aspects of erotic poet..

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Essential Bukowski: Poetry -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Essential Bukowski: Poetry

‘The best poet in America’ Jean Genet‘He brought everybody down to earth, even the angels’ Leonard CohenThe definitive collection from a writer whose transgressive legacy and raw, funny, acutely observant writing has left an enduring markHere is Bukowski eating walnuts and scratching his back, rolling a cigarette while listening to Brahms, showering with Linda in the mid-afternoon.Here is Bukowski..

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Great Cat (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Great Cat (editie cartonata)

The feline has inspired poetic adoration since the days of the pharaohs, and the poems collected here cover an astonishing range of periods, cultures, and styles. Poets across the continents and centuries have described the feline family-from kittens to old toms, pussycats to panthers-doing what they do best: sleeping, prowling, prancing, purring, sleeping some more, and gazing disdainfully at les..

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Indian Love Poems (editie cartonata) -20%

Indian Love Poems (editie cartonata)

According to the Kama Sutra, the erotic handbook written two thousand years ago, when the wheel of ecstasy is in motion "there is no textbook at all, and no order." Indian Love Poems is a unique gathering of poems from across more than two and a half millennia that attempts to catalog the disordered ecstasies of love, ranging from the Kama Sutra and earlier works up to present-day India and the po..

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Irish Poems (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Irish Poems (editie cartonata)

With its roots in the devotional verse of the early Christian church and the long lyric poems of the Irish bards, Irish poetry has a rich and robust tradition both of engagement and self-reflection. It has grappled long with politics and has provided the most eloquent response to Ireland's turbulent history, mediating and mitigating histories of loyalty and loss; it has soaked itself in the Irish ..

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Japanese Haiku Poems (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Japanese Haiku Poems (editie cartonata)

Once confined to a literary elite in Japan, haiku are now written all over the world by poets who find their combination of brevity, technical discipline and expressive content irresistible. This collection brings together hundreds of poems by Japanese writers from the fifteenth century to the twentieth, with modern examples from Europe and America. In addition, there is a selection of poems influ..

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Jazz Poems (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Jazz Poems (editie cartonata)

Ever since its first flowering in the 1920s, jazz has had a powerful influence on American poetry, and this anthology offers a treasury of poems as varied and vital as the music that inspired them. From the Harlem Renaissance to the Beat Movement, from the poets of the New York School to the contemporary poetry scene, the jazz aesthetic has been a compelling literary force. We hear it the poems o..

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Last Night of the Earth Poems -20%

Last Night of the Earth Poems

Poems deal with writing, death and immortality, literature, city life, illness, war, and the past...

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Leonard Cohen Poems (Pocket Poets) -20%

Leonard Cohen Poems (Pocket Poets)

This anthology contains a cross-section covering his career, including such legendary songs as 'Suzanne', 'Sisters of Mercy', 'Bird on the Wire', 'Famous Blue Raincoat' and 'I'm Your Man' and searingly memorable poems from many collections including Flowers for Hitler, Beautiful Losers and Death of a Lady's Man. Encompassing the erotic and the melancholy, the mystical and the sardonic, this volume..

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Long Take (Winner of The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2019 & Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2018) -20%

Long Take (Winner of The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2019 & Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2018)

**Finalist for the 2018 Man Booker Prize****Winner of the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2019****Winner of the Roehampton Poetry Prize and the Goldsmiths Prize for Fiction**From the award-winning British author--a poet's noir narrative that tells the story of a D-Day veteran in postwar America: a good man, brutalized by war, haunted by violence and apparently doomed to return to it, yet..

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Love and Misadventure -20%

Love and Misadventure

The journey from love to heartbreak to finding love again is personal yet universal. Lang Leav's evocative poetry speaks to the soul of anyone who is on this journey. Leav has an unnerving ability to see inside the hearts and minds of her readers. Her talent for translating complex emotions with astonishing simplicity has won her a cult following of devoted fans from all over the world. Lang Le..

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Love Poems (editie cartonata) -20%

Love Poems (editie cartonata)

It has often been said that love, both sacred and profane, is the only true subject of the lyric poem. Nothing better justifies this claim than the splendid poems in this volume, which range from the writings of ancient China to those of modern-day America and represent, at its most piercing, a universal experience of the human soul...

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Love Speaks Its Name: Gay and Lesbian Love Poems (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Love Speaks Its Name: Gay and Lesbian Love Poems (editie cartonata)

From Sappho to Shakespeare to Cole Porter – a marvellous and wide-ranging collection of classic gay and lesbian love poetry. The poets represented here include Walt Whitman, Hart Crane, Gertrude Stein, Federico García Lorca, Djuna Barnes, Constantine Cavafy, Elizabeth Bishop, W. H. Auden, and James Merrill. Their poems of love are among the most perceptive, the most passionate, the wittiest, and t..

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Lullabies 2 -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Lullabies 2

Set to a musical theme, love's poetic journey in this new, original collection begins with a Prelude and travels through Duet, Interlude, and Requiem with an Encore popular piece from the best-selling Love & Misadventure. Lang Leav's evocative poetry speaks to the soul of anyone who is on this journey.Leav has an unnerving ability to see inside the hearts and minds of her readers. Her talent f..

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Marriage Poems (editie cartonata) -20%

Marriage Poems (editie cartonata)

Some of the poets included in this anthology: Theocritus, Edmund Spenser, Edward Lear, Robert Browning, Thomas Hardy, John Donne, Philip Larkin, Anne Bradstreet, Emily Dickinson, Rossetti, Shelley and Kipling.....

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mermaid's voice returns in this one -20%

mermaid's voice returns in this one

Goodreads Choice Award-winning poet and USA TODAY bestselling author Amanda Lovelace presents the mermaid’s voice returns in this one — the third and final installment in her “women are some kind of magic” series, featuring a foreword from Lang Leav and 13 guest poems from leading voices in poetry such as Nikita Gill, KY Robinson, and Orion Carloto. The mermaid is known for her siren song, luring..

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Mind's Eye: Writings on Photography and Photographers -20%

Mind's Eye: Writings on Photography and Photographers

Henri Cartier-Bresson's writings on photography and photographers have been published sporadically over the past 45 years. His essays--several of which have never before been translated into English--are collected here for the first time. The Mind's Eye features Cartier-Bresson's famous text on "the decisive moment" as well as his observations on Moscow, Cuba and China during turbulent times. Thes..

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Music's Spell (editie cartonata) -20%

Music's Spell (editie cartonata)

Music may be the universal language that needs no words-the "language where all language ends," as Rilke put it-but that has not stopped poets from ancient times to the present from trying to represent it in verse. Here are Rumi and Shakespeare, Elizabeth Bishop and Billy Collins; the wild pipes of William Blake, the weeping guitars of Federico García Lorca, and the jazz rhythms of Langston Hughe..

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On Love -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

On Love

In On Love, we see Charles Bukowski reckoning with the complications of love and desire.Alternating between the tough and the tender, the romantic and the gritty, Bukowski exposes the myriad faces of love in the poems collected here - its selfishness and its narcissism, its randomness, its mystery and its misery, and, ultimately, its true joyfulness, endurance and redemptive power.Whether writing ..

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Persian Poems (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Persian Poems (editie cartonata)

Still little known in the West, Persian poetry offers extraordinary riches. While celebrating the beauty of the world in poems about love, wine and poetry itself, or telling anecdotes of everyday life, Persian poetry set these themes in the wider religious and philosophical context of Islam. Omar, Rumi, Saadi, Sanai, Attar, Hafez and Jami – the great lyric and didactic poets of medieval Persia – a..

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Pillow Thoughts -20% Stoc momentan epuizat
Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart -20%

Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart

Following the smash success of her best-selling book, Pillow Thoughts, Courtney Peppernell now returns with the follow-up sequel Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart. Peppernell understands that healing is a process, and Pillow Thoughts II eloquently captures the time and experience that one goes through on their journey to peace through restoration. A collection of inspirational and comforting p..

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Pillow Thoughts III: Mending the Mind -20%

Pillow Thoughts III: Mending the Mind

In a voice that is inclusive and open to all, Courtney Peppernell presents a tribute to her readers in the third installment of her bestselling Pillow Thoughts series. A beautifully raw and poignant collection of poetry and prose, Pillow Thoughts III continues the series from poet Courtney Peppernell. Fix yourself a warm drink and settle into Peppernell's words as she pens a tribute to her reader..

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Poems about Horses (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Poems about Horses (editie cartonata)

Many kinds of equine characters grace these pages, from magnificent war horses to cowboys' trusty steeds, from broken-down nags to playful colts, from wild horses to dream horses. We encounter the famous Trojan horse in Virgil's Aeneid, only to see it from a quite different perspective in Matthea Harvey's whimsical 'Inside the Good Idea'. Longfellow shows us Paul Revere defying an empire from the ..

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Poems for a World Gone to Sh*t: the amazing power of poetry to make even the most f**ked up times feel better -20%

Poems for a World Gone to Sh*t: the amazing power of poetry to make even the most f**ked up times feel better

DISCOVER THE AMAZING POWER OF POETRY TO MAKE EVEN THE MOST F**KED UP TIMES FEEL BETTERA beautiful little book of short, simple, classic and contemporary poems to dip into, to make life feel better.From Shakespeare and Shelley to Lemn Sissay and Kate Tempest, poets have always been the best at showing us we're not alone, however sh*t things might seem.Funny, reflective, romantic and life-affirming ..

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Poems of Paris (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Poems of Paris (editie cartonata)

Perhaps no other European city has so captured the poetic imagination as Paris. Poems of Paris spans the centuries from the Renaissance to the present, and includes a pantheon of French (and Francophone) poets - Ronsard, Deschamps, Villon, Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Verlaine, Apollinaire, Paul Eluard, Robert Desnos, Jacques Prévert, Aimé Césaire, Hédi Kaddour, to name but a few. Added to this are poems..

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Poems of Paul Celan -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Poems of Paul Celan

The first Anvil edition of this book was awarded the EC's inaugural European Translation Prize in 1990. Paul Celan is among the most important German-language poets of the century, and, in George Steiner's words, 'almost certainly the major European poet of the period after 1945.' He was born in 1920 into a Jewish family in Bukovina, a German enclave in Romania which was destroyed by the Nazis. Hi..

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Poems of the Sea (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Poems of the Sea (editie cartonata)

Throughout history, poets have felt the ancient pull of the sea, exploring the full range of mankind's nautical fears, dreams, and longings. The colorful legends of the sea-pirates and mermaids, phantom ships and the sunken city of Atlantis-have inspired as many imaginations as have the realities of lighthouses and shipwrecks, of icebergs and frothing foam and seaweed. This marvelous collection i..

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Reel Verse: Poems About the Movies -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Reel Verse: Poems About the Movies

A unique Pocket Poets anthology of a hundred years of poetic tributes to the silver screen, from the silent film era to the present. The variety of subjects is dazzling, from movie stars to bit players, from B-movies to Bollywood, from Clark Gable to Jean Cocteau. More than a hundred poets riff on their movie memories: Langston Hughes and John Updike on the theaters of their youth, Jack Kerouac ..

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Roman Odes, Elegies and Epigrams (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Roman Odes, Elegies and Epigrams (editie cartonata)

The great Roman poets of Antiquity wrote some of the most compelling lyrical poetry of all time, to be read privately but also on occasion to be performed publicly on the field of victory, at a banquet or at a public festival. With a freshness that belie the nearly two thousand years that separate us Virgil, Ovid, Horace, Propertius and Catullus write movingly of the pleasures of love, of wine, of..

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Rumi Poems (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Rumi Poems (editie cartonata)

It is often said that Rumi (aka Jalal al-Din, 1207-73) is now the most popular poet in the United States. This conquest of the new world by a middle-eastern medieval writer who died before Chaucer was even born has been achieved with extraordinary speed in less than thirty years.The main key to Rumi's success is the spiritual appeal of his work. It combines lyrical beauty with philosophical profun..

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Russian Poets (editie cartonata) -20%

Russian Poets (editie cartonata)

Ever since Pushkin, Russian poets have been famous for their ability to combine private and public experience in lyric poetry of a comprehensiveness and intensity unmatched elsewhere. Ranging in extremes from the melting tenderness of unrequited love to the bitter comedy of political chaos, this collection of poems covering two centuries includes work by Lermontov, Tyutchev, Fet, Annensky,Mayakovs..

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She Book -20%

She Book

The She Book is a collection of 107 poems and prose written for you. Because this is your year to live the life of your dreams, to heal, to witness, to be the one who queens. Once a silent star in the sky, lost, alone and unnoticed, she began to dream her life awake. Crafting together the power of words and womanhood, writer Tanya Markul has written a completely unique poetry collection fit for t..

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Soft Magic -20%

Soft Magic

From Malawian storyteller Upile Chisala comes the revised and expanded edition of her debut book of poetry. soft magic is a collection of poetry and prose exploring the self, joy, blackness, gender, matters of the heart, the experience of Diaspora, spirituality, and above all, how we survive. soft magic is a shared healing journey...

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Solitude (editie cartonata) -20%

Solitude (editie cartonata)

A collection of poems which capture the experience of solitude- by day or night, in the city or in the country, in waking or in dreams. There are contented reveries, expressions of loneliness and despair, reflections on mind and soul, and meditations recorded in the stillness of the night. Poets can be said to be the custodians of the interior life, and from Sappho's "Tonight I've watched" to Emil..

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