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Asterix and the Chieftain's Daughter -20%

Asterix and the Chieftain's Daughter

When Adrenalin, the rebellious daughter of the great Gaulish chieftain Vercingétorix, arrives at their village, Asterix and Obelix are tasked with protecting her from the Romans chasing her. This is easier said than done though, as Adrenalin is desperate to escape! Follow our favourite heroes as they try and reach Adrenalin before the Romans do. With trademark jokes and chaotic fight scenes, the ..

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Asterix and the Vikings. The Book of the Film -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Asterix and the Vikings. The Book of the Film

Iulius Caesar a trecut la razboiul psihologic. Agentul Tortuous Convolvulus imprastie gelozie si discordie pretutindeni. Va putea el sa ii faca pe gali sa se suspecteze reciproc de tradare? Oare Asterix chiar a vandut Romei secretul potiunii magice? ..

46,00 Lei 36,80 Lei

Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas -20%

Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

A fascinating insight into the vibrant culture of Modernism, and the rich artistic world of Paris's Left Bank, Gertrude Stein's The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas includes an introduction by Thomas Fensch in Penguin Modern Classics. For Gertrude Stein and her wife Alice B. Toklas, life in Paris was based upon the rue de Fleurus and the Saturday evenings and 'it was like a kaleidoscope slowl..

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Basquiat: A Graphic Novel (editie cartonata) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Basquiat: A Graphic Novel (editie cartonata)

Cool, talented and transgressive, Jean-Michel Basquiat s life is just as fascinating as the work he produced. Delve into 1980s New York as this vivid graphic novel takes you on Basquiat s journey from street-art legend SAMO to international art-scene darling, up until his sudden death. Told through cinematic scenes, this is Basquiat as seen through the eyes of those who knew him, including his fat..

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Batman: Year One (DC Comics) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat
Bumper Book of Peanuts -20%

Bumper Book of Peanuts

“Dear Santa Claus, You can’t bluff me. I know that you are wishy washy. I know that you will bring me presents whether I’m good or whether I’m bad”A bumper collection of the very best strips from the golden age of PeanutsCharles Schulz’s Peanuts strips and characters are loved internationally, appealing to fans young and old since they first appeared in the 1950s. The Bumper Book of Peanuts takes ..

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Dark Nights: Metal: Dark Knights Rising (DC Comics) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Dark Nights: Metal: Dark Knights Rising (DC Comics)

Dark Nights: Metal: Dark Knights Rising introduces: The Batman Who Laughs: a lunatic driven mad by his world's Joker. The Red Death: a thief who stole his reality's Speed Force power. The Drowned: a female, amphibious Batman. The Dawnbreaker: a twisted Green Lantern. The Murder Machine: a deranged, deadly cyborg. The Merciless: a warrior who wears the helmet of Ares. The Devastator: a part-human, ..

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Daytripper (DC Comics) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Daytripper (DC Comics)

The first volume of the highly praised comic series about the importance of living life to its fullest.The acclaimed Daytripper follows Bras de Olivias Dominguez during different periods in his life, each with the same ending: his death.Daytripper follows the life of one man, Bras de Olivias Dominguez. Every chapter features an important period in Bras’ life in exotic Brazil, and each story ends t..

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Doom Patrol Vol. 1: Brick by Brick (DC Comics) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Doom Patrol Vol. 1: Brick by Brick (DC Comics)

Grant Morrison's classic misfit team--the Doom Patrol--is reintroduced in this flagship title to Eisner Award-winning writer and rock star Gerard Way's avant garde imprint, Young Animal! The spirit of Grant Morrison's groundbreaking Doom Patrol is captured in this debut series starring the cult-favorite misfits as a part of Gerard Way's new Young Animal imprint.Flex Mentallo, Robotman, Rebis, Craz..

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Dreaming Vol. 1: Pathways and Emanations (The Sandman Universe) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Dreaming Vol. 1: Pathways and Emanations (The Sandman Universe)

Beyond the wall of sleep, past the Gates of Horn and Ivory, lies the rich and fertile land where stories are born. It is called the Dreaming--and its own tale is about to take a dark and dangerous turn.Daniel, the Lord of Dreams, has abandoned his kingdom, leaving its borders broken and bloody. Lucien, his faithful warden, can feel his own mind slipping away as the Dream King's realm decays around..

72,00 Lei 57,60 Lei

Flash Vol. 1: Move Forward (The New 52) (DC Comics) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Flash Vol. 1: Move Forward (The New 52) (DC Comics)

THE FLASH Vol. 1, marks the debut of red hot artist Francis Manapul as both writer and artist on The Flash!Struck by a bolt of lightning and doused in chemicals, Central City Police scientist Barry Allen was transformed into the fastest man alive. Tapping into the energy field called The Speed Force, he applies a tenacious sense of justice to protect an serve the world as The Flash!The Flash knows..

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Flashpoint (DC Comics) -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Flashpoint (DC Comics)

Best-selling author Geoff Johns pens a new event book in the DC Universe featuring The Flash!Not a dream, not an imaginary story, not an elseworld. This is Flash Fact: When Barry Allen wakes at his desk, he discovers the world has changed. Family is alive, loved ones are strangers, and close friends are different, gone or worse. It's a world on the brink of a cataclysmic war—but where are Earth's ..

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Handmaid's Tale (Graphic Novel) -20%

Handmaid's Tale (Graphic Novel)

Provocative, startling, prophetic, and more relevant than ever, The Handmaid's Tale has become a global phenomenon. Now, in this stunning graphic novel edition of Margaret Atwood's modern classic, the terrifying reality of Gilead is brought to vivid life like never before."Everything Handmaids wear is red: the colour of blood, which defines us." Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead, wher..

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Hilda and the Bird Parade -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Hilda and the Bird Parade

A New York Times' Notable Book for 2013One of School Library Journal's Top 10 Graphic Novels of 2013Nominated for the 2014 Eisner for Best Publication for Kids!Hilda Season 1 is now on Netflix! "Luke Pearson is one of the best cartoonists working today. Hilda is utterly brilliant!" --Raina Telgemeier, creator of Smile  Hilda's magical, Eisner-nominated third adventure is now in paperback! Hil..

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Hilda and the Midnight Giant -20% Stoc momentan epuizat

Hilda and the Midnight Giant

When creatures bombard Hilda's house with eviction notices, she has to think twice before making their acquaintance. Come to think of it, who is this giant who only appears at midnight, and why is Hilda the only person who can see him?Now available in paperback for the first time, Luke Pearson s stories of the rambunctious and adorable Hilda are currently in television development with Silvergate ..

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Iron Magicians: The Search for the Magic Crystals -20%

Iron Magicians: The Search for the Magic Crystals

This middle-grade graphic novel series makes YOU the hero of a fantasy quest--pick your panel, find items, cast spells, defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and play through new storylines again and again! Step inside a steampunk re-imagining of nineteenth-century Paris, where magic and machines exist in harmony. The Eiffel Tower--a secret weapon built with magic--is almost complete, but the crystals th..

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