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A Dangerous Fortune

A shocking secret behind a young boy's death leads to three generations of treachery in this breathtaking saga of love, power and revenge, set amid the wealth and decadence of Victorian England… By the 1860s, the Pilasters are one of the world's greatest banking families, with connections that reach from the City of London to far-afield colonies. However, as the family grow ever richer in the sh..

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A Thousand Ships (format mare) -13%

A Thousand Ships (format mare)

In A Thousand Ships, broadcaster and classicist Natalie Haynes retells the story of the Trojan War from an all-female perspective.This was never the story of one woman, or two. It was the story of all of them… They have waited to have their story told, and I will make them wait no longer.In the early hours of the morning, Creusa wakes to find her beloved Troy engulfed in flames. Ten seemingly endl..

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Adventures of Hector Lynch 2: Buccaneer

A doua carte a aventurilor tanarului Hector Lynch care, de data aceasta, cade in mainile vestitului pirat John Coxon. Acesta il ia drept nepotul lui Sir Thomas Lynch, guvernator in Jamaica. Hector incurajeaza confuzia pentru a-si putea elibera prietenii, pe Jacques si Dan. Capitanul Coxon il preda pe Hector lui Sir Morgan, dusman jurat al guvernatorului Lynch, doar ca acum adevarul iese la iveal..

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Adventures of Hector Lynch 3: Sea Robber

Ambushed by a gang of hardened sea robbers headed for the South Sea, Hector Lynch, pirate and fugitive, must navigate their vessel on a nightmarish journey through the stormy seas off Cape Horn. There Hector uncovers the macabre and eerie remains of a small warship emtombed on an ice float. Her only crew are two skeletons - the unfortunate captain and his dog, both frozen to death. When his ruth..

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Adventures of Hector Lynch 4: Privateer

Hector Lynch and his companions are in the Caribbean, diving to plunder a wreck on the notorious Vipers reef, when they are spotted by a passing Spanish ship. To prevent news of their activities getting out, they cripple the Spanish vessel by burning her sails - an act of piracy - and then head for their base in Tortuga. There Hector's wife Maria awaits, for she and Hector are planning a better ..

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Adventures of Odysseus: Armour of Achilles

The siege of Troy is in its ninth year. The Greeks, with Achilles at their head, have inflicted numerous defeats on the Trojans, but Troy itself still stands. When Agamemnon is threatened with mutiny by a disillusioned army wanting to return home he changes his tactics by ordering a series of attacks on the allies of Troy, thus depriving the city of reinforcements, trade and supplies. But ev..

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THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER, NOW A MAJOR FILM STARRING KEIRA KNIGHTLEYIn the bitter winter of 1946, Rachael Morgan arrives in the ruins of Hamburg. Here she is reunited with her husband Lewis, a British colonel charged with rebuilding the shattered city. As they set off for their new home Rachael is stunned to discover that Lewis has made an extraordinary decision: they will be sharing the grand ..

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Age of Conquest: The Greek World from Alexander to Hadrian (336 BC - AD 138)

The ancient world that Alexander the Great transformed in his lifetime was transformed once more by his death. The imperial dynasties of his successors incorporated and reorganized the fallen Persian empire, creating a new land empire stretching from the shores of the Mediterranean to as far east as Bactria. In old Greece a fragile balance of power was continually disturbed by wars. Then, from the..

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Alexander: God of War

To many he was a god. To others he was a monster. The truth is even more extraordinary. As a boy, Alexander dreamed of matching the heroic feats of Achilles. At eighteen he led the Macedonian cavalry to a stunning victory against the Greeks. By twenty-five he had crushed the Persians in three monumental battles and was the master of the greatest empire the world had ever seen. Men began to call ..

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Anno Dracula

It is 1888 and Queen Victoria has remarried, taking as her new consort Vlad Tepes, the Wallachian Prince infamously known as Count Dracula. Peppered with familiar characters from Victorian history and fiction, the novel tells the story of vampire Geneviève Dieudonné and Charles Beauregard of the Diogenes Club as they strive to solve the mystery of the Ripper murders. Anno Dracula is a rich and pan..

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"Povestea" lui Atilla, a poporului sau si a Imperiului Roman ..

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Attila: The Gathering of the Storm

AD 441: Imperiul Roman e departe de a fi invins. Desi visteria ii e goala, vizigotii si vandalii s-au asezat pasnic intre hotarele sale. Un alt trib va darama colosul de o mie de ani: hunii. Pentru ca Attila s-a intors din exilul lui de 30 de ani ca sa puna mana pe tron. Va strange laolalta toate clanurile de huni din intreaga Scitie si va forja o armata. Doar apoi se va intoarce impotriva Romei..

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Attila: The Judgement

Ultima carte din trilogia Attila. Anno Domini 449; viitorul lumii e in balanta. Imperiul Roman, odata preaputernic, zace deschis si vulnerabil la atacurile uriasei armate a hunilor, stransa pe malurile Dunarii. Un singur on vede primejdia: generalul Aetius, care cunoaste prea bine setea de sange si pofta de distrugere a lui Attila. ..

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Binding (format mare) Stoc momentan epuizat

Binding (format mare)

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER‘Utterly brilliant’ Joanna Cannon‘Truly spellbinding’ Guardian‘Pure magic’ Erin Kelly‘A real treat’ The Times‘Gorgeous' Stella Duffy‘Astounding’ Anna MazzolaImagine you could erase your grief.Imagine you could forget your pain.Imagine you could hide a secret.Forever.Emmett Farmer is working in the fields when a letter arrives summoning him to begin an apprenticeship. He ..

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Boudica 1: Dreaming the Eagle

La 12 ani, Boudica a ucis primul razboinic. La 21, si-a aparat pamantul de invazia celui mai puternic imperiu al lumii. La 40 si-a condus oamenii intr-o rascoala snageroasa - si a devenit legenda. Primul volum din seria dedicata reginei Boudica. Acum - inainte de venirea roamnilor. ..

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Boudica 2: Dreaming the Bull

Venerata ca Boudica, Aducatoarea de Victorie, Breaca acum conduce rezistenta poporul ei impotriva legiunilor romane invadatoare. Al doilea volum din seria dedicata reginei Boudica...

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Boudica 3: Dreaming the Hound

Al treilea volum din seria "Boudica". Lupta tragicei regine razboinice a Britanniei impotriva Romei...

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Boudica 4: Dreaming the Serpent Spear

Al patrulea si ultimul volum din seria "Boudica". Lupta tragicei regine razboinice a Britanniei impotriva Romei...

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Burning Chambers

* The Sunday Times Number One Bestseller *From the multi-million, number one bestselling author of Labyrinth and The Taxidermist's Daughter, comes The Burning Chambers: a gripping story of love and betrayal, mysteries and secrets, conspiracies and divided loyalties . . .Carcassonne 1562. Nineteen-year-old Minou Joubert receives an anonymous letter at her father’s bookshop. Sealed with a distinctiv..

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'An engrossing new spin on a well-known tale' Antonia Senior, The Times 'Caligula as you've never seen him before! A powerfully moving read from one of the best ancient world authors in the business' Kate Quinn, author of The Alice Network Everyone knows his name. Everyone thinks they know his story. Rome 37AD. The emperor is dying. No-one knows how long he has left. The power struggle ..

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Century Trilogy 1: Fall of Giants Stoc momentan epuizat

Century Trilogy 1: Fall of Giants

Cinci familii sunt aduse impreuna de primul razboi mondial, de revolutia rusa si de lupta pentru vot a femeilor. Este 1911, ziua incoronarii lui George V. Billy Williams, un baiat de 13 ani, isi incepe azi munca intr-o mina de carbuni. Familia Williams e legata prin iubire si dusmanie de aristoctata familie Fitzherberts, prorpietara minei de carbuni. Lady Maud Fitzherbert se indragosteste de Wal..

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Century Trilogy 2: Winter of the World

Five linked families live out their destinies as the world is shaken by tyranny and war in the mid-twentieth century Berlin in 1933 is in upheaval. Eleven-year-old Carla von Ulrich struggles to understand the tensions disrupting her family as Hitler strengthens his grip on Germany. Into this turmoil steps her mother's formidable friend and former British MP, Ethel Leckwith, and her student so..

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Christ the Lord 2: The Road to Cana

Herod Antipas rules Galilee, Pontius Pilate is the new Roman governor of Judea, and the Roman Empire rules the world. These are turbulent times for Israel, a troubled land of turmoil and insurrection. Now in his thirtieth year, Jesus and his tight-knit family endure a long, dusty winter of disruption and chaos. Whispers of his virgin birth still persist, and while he struggles with the demands of..

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Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt

In Israel, in secolul I, se naste un copil intr-o familie umila de evrei. Copilaria nu ii e usoara pentru ca trebuie sa se impace cu extraordinarele lui puteri si cu soaptele care inconjoara nasterea lui. Tirania regelui Irod a alungat familia de pe Pamantul Sfant in relativ sigura cetate cosmopolita a Alexandriei. La moartea lui Irod, familia hotaraste sa se intoarca acasa, in Galileea - un ter..

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Cicero: Lustrum

Rome, 63 BC. In a city on the brink of acquiring a vast empire, seven men are struggling for power. Cicero is consul, Caesar his ruthless young rival, Pompey the republic's greatest general, Crassus its richest man, Cato a political fanatic, Catilina a psychopath, Clodius an ambitious playboy. The stories of these real historical figures - their alliances and betrayals, their cruelties and seduc..

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'Laura is a masterful writer, her deliciously gothic stories so skilfully woven that you can't get them out of your head even if you wanted to' Stacey Halls, author of The Familiars'The Corset is a contender for my Book of the Year. Beautifully written, intricately plotted, a masterpiece' Sarah HilaryIs prisoner Ruth Butterham mad or a murderer? Victim or villain?Dorothea Truelove is young, wealth..

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Cry to Heaven

In eighteenth-century Italy the Castrati recreated heaven on earth. Their exquisite voices soared above the glittering world of courtiers and nobility. Those who achieved fame were showered with riches and sexual favours, but their success also hid a terrible sadness. Tonio, of noble birth, is the victim of a vengeful brother. Disinherited and forced to join the ranks of the Castrati, he plan..

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Dark Age 1: Pendragon Stoc momentan epuizat

Dark Age 1: Pendragon

"Pendragon has all the hallmarks of a traditional historical adventure story . . . However, there is also intellectual heft to this story, with its themes of myth-making and the nature of power." Antonia Senior THE TIMES Here is the beginning of a legend. Long before Camelot rose, a hundred years before the myth of King Arthur was half-formed, at the start of the Red Century, the world was slippin..

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Dark Age 2

Bridging the gap between 'Game of Thrones' and Bernard Cornwell comes the second chapter in James Wilde's epic adventure of betrayal, battle and bloodshed . . .It is AD 367, and Roman Britain has fallen to the vast barbarian horde which has invaded from the north. Towns burn, the land is ravaged and the few survivors flee. The army of Rome - once the most effective fighting force in the world - ha..

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Dawn of Empire

Cu trei mii de ani inainte de nasterea lui Christos e pe cale sa izbucneasca un conflict de dimensiuni fabuloase. Rasplata victoriei? Civilizatia. Pretul infrangerii? Intoarcerea spe o epoca intunecata. 'A brilliant, fast-paced epic, bringing an entire people back to roaring life. Superb' (Conn Iggulden) ..

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Deposed: An epic thriller of power, treachery and revenge

'Outstanding. An extraordinary recreation of ancient Rome. Miss this at your peril' Ben KaneMore gripping than Game of Thrones and more ruthless than House of Cards - this a stunning new thriller of power, treachery and revengeIn a darkened cell, a brutally deposed dictator lies crippled - deprived of his power, his freedom - and his eyes.On the edge of utter despair, his only companion is the you..

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Eagles of the Empire 17: Blood of Rome

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERThe gripping new adventure in Simon Scarrow's bestselling Eagles of the Empire series, not to be missed by readers of Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell.It is AD 55. As trouble brews on the eastern fringes of the Roman Empire, Prefect Cato and Centurion Macro prepare for war...The wily Parthian Empire has invaded Roman-ruled Armenia, ousting King Rhadamistus. The King is..

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Empire of Salt: Shiang

The second thrilling instalment in the bestselling epic fantasy series, the Empire of Salt.'Must read now! Iggulden is clearly having fun pitching his heroes and villains into bloody combat' SciFiNow___________TWO ANCIENT CITIES. ONE FINAL WAR.In Shiang, the young king rules without dissent. Swordsmen stand watch on every corner, looking for the first sign of rebellion.Yet in one swift move, order..

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Empire Rising

In zorii istoriei, un rege razboinic a invins in Mesopotamia o uriasa armata barbara si a intemeiat primul oras al lumii. Dar el stie ca Akkad nu poate supravietui cata vreme bande violente bantuie la marginea desertului, asa incat isi lasa sotia, Trella, ca carma cetatii si pleaca sa ucida restul dusmanilor pentru a-si consolida cucerirea. Dar in aceasta vreme, un general egiptean cucereste cet..

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Falcon of Sparta

In the Ancient World, one army was feared above all others.401 BC. The Persian king Artaxerxes rules an empire stretching from the Aegean to northern India.As many as fifty million people are his subjects.His rule is absolute.But the sons of Sparta are eager to play the game of thrones . . . Battles can be won - or lost - with a single blow.Princes fall. And when the dust of civil war settles, the..

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Forgotten Legion Chronicles 1: Forgotten Legion

The Forgotten Legion - fighting for honour, freedom and revenge. Romulus and Fabiola are twins, born into slavery after their mother is raped by a drunken nobleman. At thirteen years old they are sold - Romulus to gladiator school, Fabiola into prostitution, where she will catch the eye of one of the most powerful men in Rome. Tarquinius is an Etruscan, a warrior and soothsayer, born enemy of Ro..

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Forgotten Legion Chronicles 2: Silver Eagle

The Forgotten Legion fought against almighty odds at the very edge of the known world - and lost. Now Brennus the Gaul, Tarquinius the Etruscan soothsayer and Romulus, bastard son of a Roman nobleman, are prisoners of Parthia. They dream of escape, but in the brutal fighting which lies ahead, only two will survive. Meanwhile, Fabiola, Romulus' twin sister, is caught up in the vicious eddies of R..

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Forgotten Legion Chronicles 3: Road to Rome

Having survived the perils of a journey across half the world, Romulus and Tarquinius are press-ganged into the legions, which are under imminent threat of annihilation by the Egyptians. Meanwhile in Rome, Romulus' twin sister Fabiola lives in fear for her life, loved by Brutus, but wooed by Marcus Antonius, his deadly enemy. Soon after, Romulus fights at Zela, the vicious battle where Caesar fa..

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Fourteenth Letter

'Exuberant plotting and witty prose. Great fun.'The TimesPhoebe Stanbury was killed in the summer of secrets...One balmy June evening in 1881, Phoebe Stanbury stands before the guests at her engagement party: this is her moment, when she will join the renowned Raycraft family and ascend to polite society.As she takes her fiancé's hand, a stranger holding a knife steps forward and ends the poor gir..

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Gaius Valerius Verrens: Scourge of Rome

70AD. Disgraced, dishonoured and banished into exile on pain of execution if he ever returns to Rome, the former military tribune Gaius Valerius Verrens makes his way East through the death and destruction of the savage Judaean rebellion. Valerius knows his only hope of long term survival and a restoration of his family’s fortunes lie with his friend Titus, commander of the Army of Judaea and so..

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Hannibal 1: Enemy of Rome

ENEMY OF ROME The great Carthaginian general, Hannibal, has never forgotten the defeat and humiliation of his father by Rome. Now he plans his revenge and the destruction of the old enemy. SOLDIER OF CARTHAGE While Hannibal prepares for war, the young son of one of his most trusted military commanders goes on an innocent adventure with his best friend - and disappears. SLAVERY Cap..

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Hannibal 2: Fields of Blood

The killing fields of Cannae provide the setting for one of the bloodiest battles in history. But who will triumph? Hannibal and his warrior army, or the mighty legions of Rome. By the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Forgotten Legion trilogy. Hannibal's campaign to defeat Rome continues as he marches south to confront his enemy. With him is a young soldier, Hanno. Like his general, ..

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Hannibal 3: Clouds of War

As Rome's war with Carthage continues, two friends - now on opposing sides - confront each other in one of the most brutal sieges of all time. A new Hannibal novel by the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Forgotten Legion series. 213 BC. Syracuse. Under the merciless Sicilian sun, a city is at war. Outside the walls, a vast Roman army waits. Yet the city’s incredible defences, designe..

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Hannibal: Pride of Carthage

In ancient Rome, parents used to silence misbehaving children with the utterance 'Hannibal ad portas' (Hannibal is at the door). Such was the fear and awe that Hannibal Barca instilled...Told in arcing, epic technicolour, this is the story of one of the ancient world's most remarkable figures and the long, bloody conflict between the two 'superpowers' of the times - the Se..

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Helena (Penguin Classics)

The Empress Helena made the historic pilgrimage to Palestine, found pieces of wood from the true Cross, and built churches at Bethlehem and Olivet. Her life coincided with one of the great turning-points of history: the recognition of Christianity as the religion of the Roman Empire. The enormous conflicting forces of the age, and the corruption, treachery, and madness of Imperial Rome combine to ..

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