-69% Stoc momentan epuizat House of Night 8: Awakened
Autor CAST, P. C. & Kristin
An apariţie 2011
Editura Atom
Nr pagini 292
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B

House of Night 8: Awakened

  • Cod produs: 9781905654857
  • Disponibilitate: Stoc momentan epuizat
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Zoey's been given a way out of all the scary, evil drama back home. But can she really pick a better life if it means abandoning her friends? Discover what millions of fans around the world already have: the addictive world of the House of Night.

'My soul's been shattered and my boyfriend's been killed. Don't I deserve a break? Just a little one?'

Zoey is alive and stronger than ever, being cared for by her new Guardian, and finally finding some peace far from the ongoing battle against Neferet. But in her brief moment of happiness, it's easy to forget that the House of Night needs her, as do her friends.

In Zoey's absence, Stevie Rae has found her feelings for the Raven Mocker Rephaim are stronger than she ever could have expected, even while he still admits loyalty to their sworn enemy. Then a terrible murder threatens to destroy their group and tear their world apart - and that death will not be the last...

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