Stoc momentan epuizat How Markets Fail: The Logic of Economic Calamities
Autor CASSIDY, John
An apariţie 2010
Editura Penguin
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B

How Markets Fail: The Logic of Economic Calamities

  • Cod produs: 9780141036519
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  • 58,00 Lei


How did we get to where we are? John Cassidy shows that the roots of our most recent financial failure lie not with individuals, but with an idea - the idea that markets are inherently rational. He gives us the big picture behind the financial headlines, tracing the rise and fall of free market ideology from Adam Smith to Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan. Full of wit, sense and, above all, a deeper understanding, How Markets Fail argues for the end of 'utopian' economics, and the beginning of a pragmatic, reality-based way of thinking.

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