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Caligula and Other Plays

Caligula reveals some aspects of the existential notion of 'the absurd' by portraying an emperor so mighty and so desperate in his search for freedom that he inevitably destroys gods, men and himself. The dramatic impetus of Cross Purpose, however, comes from the tension between consent to and refusal of man's absurdity; it is the tragedy of a man who returns home to his mother and sister withou..

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Create Dangerously (Penguin Modern)

'To create today is to create dangerously' Camus argues passionately that the artist has a responsibility to challenge, provoke and speak up for those who cannot in this powerful speech, accompanied here by two others Penguin Modern: fifty new books celebrating the pioneering spirit of the iconic Penguin Modern Classics series, with each one offering a concentrated hit of its contemporary,..

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Fall - PMC

Jean-Baptiste Clamence e un suflet ghinuit. Romanul e portretul stralucit al unui om care a descoperit goliciunea existentei lui. DIncolo de povestea lui, Camus expune conditia umana universala si absurditatea ei, dar si inocenta noastra care, odata pierduta, nu mai poate fi recuperata. 'The most perfect of his meditations on human isolation and bewilderment before an enigmatic universe' (Guardi..

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Outsider - PMC Stoc momentan epuizat

Outsider - PMC

'My mother died today. Or maybe yesterday, I don't know.' In The Outsider (1942), his classic existentialist novel, Camus explores the alienation of an individual who refuses to conform to social norms. Meursault, his anti-hero, will not lie. When his mother dies, he refuses to show his emotions simply to satisfy the expectations of others. And when he commits a random act of violence on a su..

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Plague - PMC Stoc momentan epuizat

Plague - PMC

Locuitorii orasului Oran sunt victimele unei molime care ii condamna la o moarte iute si oribila. Urmeaza spaima, izolarea si claustrofobia cand sunt fortati sa intre in carantina. Fiecare raspunde in felul lui la boala letala - unii se resemneaza in fata destinului, altii cauta pe cine sa dea vina si sa se razbune, putini dintre ei, ca Dr. Rieux, se alatura fortelor care rezista teroarei. Parti..

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Rebel - PMC Stoc momentan epuizat

Rebel - PMC

Rebelul, aparut in 1951, reprezinta incercarea lui Camus de a intelege timpul in care traieste si este in acelasi timp un straluct eseu despre natura revoltei umane. Aici critica cu indrazneala comunismul, ce se intampla in spatele Cortinei de Fier si regimurile totalitare din Est.Si discuta despre doua evenimente considerate sacre de stangisti - Revolutia franceza din 1789 si Revolutia Rusa din..

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