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Dark Queen Rising

London, 1471. The War of the Roses rages on.Edward of York has claimed the English throne and his Yorkist supporters gleefully slaughter their adversaries; there's no mercy for anyone who supported the Lancastrian cause.Margaret Beaufort - mother of Henry Tudor, the only hope for the House of Lancaster - knows her enemies are closing in. Desperate for help she turns to Christopher Urswicke for pro..

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Domina Stoc momentan epuizat


A dramatic historical novel about the turbulent life and death of Agrippina, Empress of Rome Agrippina, wife of Claudius, mother of Nero, was a beautiful and talented woman who saw her father murdered, was banished by her brother, and was killed on the orders of her son. Her freed man, a one-eyed former gladiator named Parmenon, tells of Agrippina's battle to survive in and control the deprav..

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Last of Days

In the final days of Henry VIII, one man is there to witness the demise of a legend...King Henry VIII, a fearsome figure of power and stature, lies upon his deathbed diminished by sickness and haunted by ghosts from his past. Only Will Somers, long-serving jester and confidant, sees all. While Henry is confined to his chamber, Will begins a journal that will document his King's last turbulent..

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Poisoner of Ptah

The exciting sixth novel of murderous intrigue set in the reign of Pharoah Hatusu featuring Judge Amerotke At a peace treaty signing between Egypt and Libya in Thebes, three of Egypt's leading scribes die violently on the Temple forecourt, the victims of a vile poisoning. To add to the mounting unease, a prosperous merchant and his young wife are found drowned. Rumours soon sweep the imperial..

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