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How Far Can You Go?

Polly, Dennis, Angela, Adrian and the rest are bound to lose their spiritual innocence as well as their virginities on the journey between university in the 1950s and the marriages, families, careers and deaths that follow. On the one hand there's Sex and then the Pill, on the other there is the traditional Catholic Church. In this razor-sharp novel, David Lodge exposes the pressures that assail..

54,00 Lei

Man Who Wouldn't Get Up and Other Stories Stoc momentan epuizat

Man Who Wouldn't Get Up and Other Stories

The first collection of short stories from one of Britain's finest novelists and critics A nameless man who has fallen out of love with life, refuses to get out of bed, with unexpected consequences. A sociologist recalls how he learned his first and formative lesson about the oppressive power of capitalism selling newspapers and magazines up and down the platforms of Waterloo station. Some ye..

52,00 Lei

Paradise News

Bernard Walsh, agnostic theologian, has a professional interest in heaven. But when he travels to Hawaii with his reluctant father Jack, to visit Jack's dying, estranged sister it feels more like purgatory than paradise. Surrounded by quarrelling honeymooners, a freeloading anthropologist and assorted tourists in search of their own personal paradise, and with his father whisked off to hospital ..

56,00 Lei

Secret Thoughts: A Play Based on the Novel Thinks...

David Lodge a distilat povestea din romanul lui de succes Thinks… pentru a crea o drama pasionanta si plina de spirit despre lupta morala, emotionala si intelectuala dintre doi oameni de exceptie...

44,00 Lei

Small World

Philip Swallow, Morris Zapp, Persse McGarrigle and the lovely Angelica are the jet-propelled academics who are on the move, in the air and on the make in David Lodge's satirical Small World. It is a world of glamorous travel and high excitement, where stuffy lecture rooms are swapped for lush corners of the globe, and romance is in the air... ..

54,00 Lei