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The second adult novel from the internationally bestselling author Melissa Marr. Chloe knew she shouldn't have gone into the bar last night. Now, in addition to a pounding headache and weak limbs, she's got the guilt of five years sobriety down the drain. When she wakes, she's not in the world she knows. She's in The Wasteland, a world populated by monsters and unfamiliar landscapes, in the comp..

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Maylene Barrow si William Montgomery au o responsabilitate speciala, de ani de zile, in oraselul Claysville - au grija, in locul celor plecati pe lumea cealalta, de oamenii dragi lasati acasa. Rebekkah Barrow, nepoata lui Maylene, a plecat din oras acum zece ani, incercand sa lase in urma amintiri dureroase. Dar raul s-a dezlantuit in Claysville si acum Maylene e moarta. De aici inainte, Rebekka..

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Love Is Hell

Cinci povesti de iubire supranaturale..

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Wicked Lovely 3: Fragile Eternity

Mortal affections and faery rivalries continue to collide in the town of Huntsdale, as New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr takes urban fantasy to new heights. After the terrible events of Ink Exchange, the Dark Court has a new ruler. But will Niall’s kindness survive his new responsibility to the most violent of Faerie courts? Meanwhile, Seth and Aislinn attempt to mend their re..

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Wicked Lovely 4: Radiant Shadows

Melissa Marr’s New York Times bestselling Wicked Lovely series continues with the fourth – and penultimate – installment in the darkly seductive story about the collision of the mortal and faery worlds… The events of FRAGILE ETERNITY have left the faery world off-balance, its key players fighting to maintain control over their world – and its secrets… Devlin lives in a world where everythi..

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