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Adventures of the New Cut Gang

Benny, Thunderbolt, Bridie, Sharky and the Peretti twins are a mixed bunch of vagabonds and urchins who come together to form the New Cut Gang in two comic tales of stolen silver and skulduggery. Fake coins are turning up all over Lambeth and the finger of suspicion is pointing at Thunderbolt's dad - could he really be the forger? The crime-busting New Cut Gang come to the rescue! And when..

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Four Tales

Four stories of myth, magic and adventure from the master teller of talesThe Firework Maker's Daughter I Was A Rat! Clockwork The Scarecrow and His Servant A devilish inventor, a girl who must face a Fire Fiend, a scarecrow brought to life by a bolt of lightning, and a boy who can only say the words 'I Was a Rat!' . . . Drawing on the rich tradition of fairytales, these are four incredible stories..

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Grimm Tales: For Young and Old

In this beautiful book of classic fairy tales, award-winning author Philip Pullman has chosen his fifty favourite stories from the Brothers Grimm and presents them in a'clear as water' retelling, in his unique and brilliant voice.From the quests and romance of classics such as 'Rapunzel', 'Snow White' and 'Cinderella' to the danger and wit of such lesser-known tales as 'The Three Snake Leaves', 'H..

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His Dark Materials 1: Northern Lights Stoc momentan epuizat

His Dark Materials 1: Northern Lights

"Without this child, we shall all die." Lyra Belacqua and her animal daemon live half-wild and carefree among scholars of Jordan College, Oxford. The destiny that awaits her will take her to the frozen lands of the Arctic, where witch-clans reign and ice-bears fight. Her extraordinary journey will have immeasurable consequences far beyond her own world... The first volume in Philip Pullman's ..

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His Dark Materials 2: Subtle Knife Stoc momentan epuizat

His Dark Materials 2: Subtle Knife

Will has just killed a man. He's on the run. His escape will take him far beyond his own world, to the eerie disquiet of a deserted city, and to a girl, Lyra. Her fate is strangely linked to his own, and together they must find the most powerful weapon in all the worlds.....

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His Dark Materials trilogy (format mare)

Philip Pullman's classic trilogy is now available as a stunning bind-up edition. Since the first volume was published in 1995, and has now been filmed as THE GOLDEN COMPASS, the trilogy has been acclaimed as a modern masterpiece, and has won the UK's top awards for children's literature. Today, the story of Lyra and her daemon is read and loved by adults and children alike...

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Book of Dust 1: La Belle Sauvage

A rich, imaginative, vividly characterised rite-of-passage tale - Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times WINNER- AUTHOR OF THE YEAR, BRITISH BOOK AWARDS A coming of age story like no other . . . Philip Pullman's magnificent bestseller is now in paperback, with new additional illustrations. Malcolm Polstead's Oxford life has been one of routine, ordinary even. He is happiest playing wit..

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Clockwork or All Wound Up

Tick, tock, tick, tock! Some stories are like that. Once you've wend them up, nothing will stop them ...A tormented apprentice clock-maker, a deadly mechanical knight in armour - and the sinister Dr Kalmenius, who some say is the devil ...Wind up these characters, fit them into a story on a cold winter's evening, with the snow swirling down, and suddenly life and the story begin to merge in a pe..

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His Dark Materials trilogy (editie cartonata) Stoc momentan epuizat

His Dark Materials trilogy (editie cartonata)

Northern Lights introduces Lyra, an orphan, who lives in a parallel universe in which science, theology and magic are entwined. Lyra's search for a kidnapped friend uncovers a sinister plot involving stolen children and turns into a quest to understand a mysterious phenomenon called Dust. In The Subtle Knife she is joined on her journey by Will, a boy who possesses a knife that can cut windows b..

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Ruby in the Smoke

Prima carte din The Sally Lockhart Quartet. Curand dupa ce tatal el se ineaca in mare, Sally Lockhart primeste o scrisoare anonima secreta. Avertismentul cuprins in scrisoare il face pe un barbat sa cada mort de spaima la picioarele lui Sally. Hotarata sa afle adevarul despre moartea tatalui ei, Sally plonjeaza intr-un mister terifiant din Londra victoriana, in centrul caruia se afla un giuvaier..

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Shadow in the North

Urmarea romanului The Ruby in the Smoke (din ciclul The Sally Lockhart Quartet). Un vapor se scufunda ca o piatra in ape calme. Un magician ingrozit dispare de pe o scena londoneza. Investigand cele doua mistere, Sally Lockhart descopera o retea mortala de indicii care o duc spre un criminal din inalta societate si spre teribilul secret al Umbrei din Nord. Cartea a fost ecranizata de BBC ..

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