Stoc momentan epuizat Men at Arms: A Discworld Novel
Autor PRATCHETT, Terry
An apariţie 1994
Editura Corgi
Nr pagini 382
Dimensiuni 18 x 11 cm
Format Paperback, A

Men at Arms: A Discworld Novel

  • Cod produs: 9780552140287
  • Disponibilitate: Stoc momentan epuizat
  • 39,00 Lei


Be a MAN in the City Watch! The City Watch needs MEN!' But what it's got includes Corporal Carrot (technically a dwarf), Lance-constable Cuddy (really a dwarf), Lance constable Detritus (a troll), Lance constable Angua (a woman...most of the time) and Corporal Nobbs (disqualified from the human race for shoving). And they need all the help they can get. Because they've only got twenty-four hours to clean up the town and this is Ankh-Morpork we're talking about...

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