Age of Revolution: 1789 - 1848
Autor HOBSBAWM, Eric
An apariţie 1988
Editura Abacus
Nr pagini 416
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B

Age of Revolution: 1789 - 1848

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The first volume of Hobsbawm's classic and universally acclaimed trilogy on the 19th century, beautifully repackaged as an Abacus History Great

Eric Hobsbawm traces with brilliant anlytical clarity the transformation brought about in evry sphere of European life by the Dual revolution - the 1789 French revolution and the Industrial Revolution that originated in Britain. This enthralling and original account highlights the significant sixty years when industrial capitalism established itself in Western Europe and when Europe established the domination over the rest of the world it was to hold for half a century.

The work is challenging, learned, brilliant in its analytical power, wide-ranging in its lucid exposition of literary, aesthetic and scientific achievments and packed with novel insight. — ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

Brilliant. — TLS

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