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Philosophy: A Crash Course

Philosophy: A Crash Course
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Philosophy: A Crash Course
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  • ISBN: 9781782408659
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Why do philosophers ask “why”? Because they want to know. Because they love knowledge. Taken literally, philosophy is nothing more (nor less) than the love (philo) of wisdom (sophia)—and who doesn’t love wisdom? All human societies have developed systems of knowledge to help them understand our place in the universe and to satisfy our distinctively human curiosity. However, while standard histories of philosophy tend to focus on canonical figures and their “big ideas,” ideas don’t spontaneously come into existence in isolation from a context. They occur in relation to other ideas, had by other people. This book emphasises the collaborative nature of philosophy, showcasing the way that thinkers’ thoughts become intertwined, and focuses on how philosophy—even in its most abstract form—intersects with everyday concerns, integrating older philosophical discussions with newer debates.
Autor BAIN, Zara, FERNER, Adam & MEHDI, Nadia
An apariţie 2019
Editura Ivy Press
Nr pagini 160
Dimensiuni 23 x 18 cm
Format Hardback
Cuvinte cheie: bain zara , ferner adam , mehdi nadia