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Metamorphosis: How and Why We Change

Metamorphosis: How and Why We Change
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Metamorphosis: How and Why We Change
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  • ISBN: 9781781254134
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The world is in transition. We are in transition. Change - and the desire for change - is everywhere you look. Yet we scarcely understand change, let alone know how to pursue and steer it wisely.

This book offers an intimate view of how, why and when we change. Can we make it happen when we want to? How do we deal with it when we have no choice? We are faced with political change, we find ourselves divorcing, made redundant or bereaved. We long to lose weight, to move somewhere new or to mend a bad habit. However it comes about, Polly Morland shows that change is not an event, but an evolving process at which we are far more skilled than we realise.

Appealing to anyone who is stuck in a rut or who wants to think afresh about change in a turbulent world, Metamorphosis brings psychology and philosophy to life: it is about why real people change, and how our imaginations can drive that transformation.

Morland, for many years an award-winning documentary maker, has twitchy antennae for all kinds of surprising stories that will illuminate her theme ... a measured, ever-curious and approachable guide ... she never takes the easy way out by denying their complexity ... Still, certain themes emerge ... the most effective of all change engines [is] educational opportunity [and that] happiness is never a settled state, always a pursuit, and that all that does not change is the will to change (Tim Adams Observer)

Praise for The Society of Timid Souls:

'Fascinating ... Morland's philosophical, extremely well-written book suggests that while some people are obviously wired to relish dangerous lives, the timid rest of us may be braver than we think. (Daily Mail)

A fascinating study ... compelling ... an appealing and original account of one of the greatest human virtues, full of powerful stories. It leaves you hopeful. (Sunday Times)

A series of beautifully written vignettes that function as a meditation on bravery's lovely shimmer (Guardian)

Morland approaches her subject with energy, tenacious curiosity and, however much she may protest that she is lily-livered, courage ... she proves the liveliest company: sane, merry and undeceived ... a bracing, moving and uncommon book. (Observer)

A measured, ever-curious and approachable guide ... happiness is never a settled state, always a pursuit, and all that doesn't change is the will to change (Observer)

In this exhilarating book, Morland asks why we want to change and if it is possible. (Mail on Sunday 2017-06-18)

Autor MORLAND, Polly
An apariţie 2017
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Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
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