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Tell Me about the Human Body

Tell Me about the Human Body
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Tell Me about the Human Body
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  • ISBN: 9780753730324
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Ever wondered why some people are left handed? Or how it is that we always awaken from sleep? This book contains hundreds of truly fascinating questions and answers, all about our bodies - you'll learn how colour blindness works, who discovered the structure of DNA and when and how respiration occurs. This book provides the answers to these questions and hundreds more, telling you all about the who, what, when, where and why of the human body. Find out how cells form, what makes hair curly and how fingerprints differ, with fact files on each page to pull out the key information. Use this book to settle debates, help with school projects and prepare quizzes; this easy-to-use reference guide will provide hours of entertainment for kids with questions!

An apariţie 2016
Editura Bounty
Nr pagini 176
Dimensiuni 24 x 19,5 cm
Format Paperback