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One from the Other: Bernie Gunther Thriller

One from the Other: Bernie Gunther Thriller
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One from the Other: Bernie Gunther Thriller
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  • ISBN: 9781847242921
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'One of the greatest anti-heroes ever written' LEE CHILD

Bernie Gunther has learned the hard way that there's no way to distinguish 'the one from the other'. The cynical P.I. sees through the deceit and hypocrisy of both friend and foe - a lifesaving skill in postwar Germany.

Munich, 1949 is home to all the backstabbing intrigue that prospers in the aftermath of war. A place where a private eye can find a lot of not-quite-reputable work: cleaning up the Nazi past of well-to-do locals, abetting fugitives in the flight abroad, sorting out rival claims to stolen goods. It's work that fills Bernie with disgust - but it also fills his sorely depleted wallet. Then a woman seeks him out. Her husband has disappeared. She's not looking to get him back - he's a wanted man who ran one of the most vicious concentration camps in Poland. She just wants confirmation that he's dead.

It's a simple enough job. But in post-war Germany, nothing is simple...

Bernie Gunther's the right kind of hero for his time - and ours - New York Times Book Review (New York Times)

Kerr is a fine novelist; in terms of narrative, dialogue, plot, pace and characterizations, he's in a league with John le Carré and Alan Furst - Washington Post (Washington Post)

Kerr's stylish noir writing makes every page a joy to read - Publisher's Weekly (Publisher's weekly)
Autor KERR, Philip
An apariţie 2018
Editura Quercus
Nr pagini 416
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Cuvinte cheie: kerr philip