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Future Is Asian: Global Order in the Twenty-first Century

Future Is Asian: Global Order in the Twenty-first Century
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Future Is Asian: Global Order in the Twenty-first Century
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  • ISBN: 9781474610681
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Five billion people, two-thirds of the world's mega-cities, one-third of the global economy, two-thirds of global economic growth, thirty of the Fortune 100, six of the ten largest banks, eight of the ten largest armies, five nuclear powers, massive technological innovation, the newest crop of top-ranked universities. Asia is also the world's most ethnically, linguistically and culturally diverse region of the planet, eluding any remotely meaningful generalization beyond the geographic label itself. Even for Asians, Asia is dizzying to navigate.

Whether you gauge by demography, geography, economy or any other metric, Asia is already the present - and it is certainly the future. It is for this reason that we cannot afford to continue to get Asia so wrong. The Future Is Asian accurately shows Asia from the inside-out, telling the story of how this mega-region is coming together and reshaping the entire planet in the process.

'In an authoritative book which may well become a standard reference . . . Parag Khanna casts the net wider to deliver a compelling argument that Asia - rather than merely China - is the current and future lodestar for the global economy. Of Asia's nearly 5bn people, 3.5bn are not Chinese' (James Kynge Financial Times)

'An upbeat examination of a changing "Greater Asia" . . . Eurasia's future is likely to be more ductile than fixed and hegemonic. In this new world order, actions still lead to reactions' (The Economist)

'The Future Is Asian offers a valuable and thoroughly researched analysis' (Wall Street Journal)

'The Future Is Asian challenges the way westerners view the continent . . . As Khanna lays out his argument and vision for the Asia's future role in global geopolitics, it is almost impossible not to be persuaded by his school of thought' (City A.M.)

'A well-written, important book' (Australian Financial Review)

'Offers a comprehensive worldview from an Asian perspective . . . Khanna is thorough and clear, offering abundant food for thought' (Kirkus)

'Khanna illuminates the global tectonic shift to Asia - but argues provocatively that a rising China will be entangled in a multi-polar region' (Graham T. Allison, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School, and author of Destined for War)

'The twenty-first century is the century of Asia. I suggest you read this book even if you are already aware!' (Jim Rogers, International Investor and author of Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets)

'Understanding the global economy in this century means above all understanding that it is likely to be an Asian century. Parag Khanna's important book provides a rich perspective going well beyond the economic statistics. Everyone concerned with the future of the global economy should consider its arguments' (Lawrence H. Summers, Former Secretary of the Treasury, Former Director of the National Economic Council, and Harvard President Emeritus)

'When our grandchildren want to understand how, in the early twenty-first century, Asia came to occupy - or rather, reoccupy - the cultural and economic centre of the planet, they will read the magisterial work of Parag Khanna' (Paul Salopek, National Geographic Fellow)
Autor KHANNA, Parag
An apariţie 2019
Editura W & N
Nr pagini 448
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Cuvinte cheie: khanna parag