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What Does Europe Want? The Union and its Discontents

What Does Europe Want? The Union and its Discontents
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What Does Europe Want? The Union and its Discontents
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  • ISBN: 9781908236166
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Despite the fact that the European Union faces the biggest crisis since its foundation, on July 1st, 2013, a new state joined the club. For the foreseeable future, Croatia will probably be the last to join; at the same time creating a barrier between the once connected states of the Balkans. Paraphrasing Freud's famous question - What does a woman want? - one of the greatest European philosophers of our day, Slavoj Zizek, joins forces with the young Croatian philosopher, Srecko Horvat, to examine the burning question What does Europe want? Instead of a peace-project, the European Union is increasingly turning into a warzone: whether it be the expulsion of immigrants or riots in Paris and London, or European interventions to bring more democracy to Libya or Syria. Instead of leaving Europe to the enemies, Zizek and Horvat reflect on the fight for a different Idea of Europe; one that embraces all its peoples equally.


'The Slovenian madman and a charismatic Croatian philosopher, joined by the most dangerous Greek Politian, offer an analysis of the European deadlock in a way that is bitingly charming and bitterly intelligent. Any real European, faithful to the real idea of Europe, must read this.' --Oliver Stone - American film director, screenwriter, producer

'A spectre is haunting Europe the spectre of resistance to the European elites sinister denial that there is something rotten in our continent s foundations. Zizek and Horvat, aided and abetted by no other than the leader of Greece s Radical Left party, animate this spectre. The pages of this book resonate with their powerful demolition of the European Union's Orwellian propaganda. Readers who care about Europe have a duty to share in their energy, irrespectively of whether they agree with them or not.' --Yanis Varoufakis, Plotical Economist and author of 'The Global Minotaur' & 'Game Theory: A critical text'

Autor ZIZEK, Slavoj & HORVAT, Srecko
An apariţie 2013
Editura Istros Books
Nr pagini 204
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Cuvinte cheie: slavoj zizek , srecko horvat