Remembrance of Things Past Vol.II - W
Autor PROUST, Marcel
An apariţie 2006
Editura Wordsworth
Nr pagini 1294
Dimensiuni 23.5 x 15 cm
Format Trade Paperback

Remembrance of Things Past Vol.II - W

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Marcel Proust (1871-1922) spent the last fourteen years of his life writing A la recherche du temps perdu. It is an intimate epic, an excavation of the self, and a comedy of manners by turns and all at once. Proust is the twentieth century's Dante, presenting us with a unique, unsettling picture of ourselves as jealous lovers and unmitigated snobs, frittering our lives away, with only the hope of art as a possible salvation. He offers us a form of redemption for a sober and secular age. Scott Moncrieff's delightful translation was for many years the only access to Proust in English. A labour of love that took him nearly as many years as Proust spent writing the original. Moncrieff's translation strives to capture the extraordinary blend of muscular analysis with poetic reverie that typifies Proust's style. It remains a justly famous classic of translation. Originally published in seven parts, Wordsworth Editions are unique in offering the complete work in two volumes. The first volume contains Cities of the Plain, The Captive, The Sweet Cheat Gone, Time Regained. Coll. Wordsworth Classics of World literature

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