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Acorna's Children: Third Watch
-20 %
Khorii, the rebellious daughter of the near-mythic Acorna and her lifemate, Aari, has followed in Acorna's footsteps leading their people from danger, but the pressure to succeed and fulfill a legacy is tremendous. For the deadly foe that has ravaged the known worlds and weakened even her famous parents has launched its final assault, and only Khorii and her newly discovered sister, Ariin, are able to stop the brutal attack. But success is elusive, and fragile, and even time itself may not be en..
27,20 Lei 34,00 Lei
Fără TVA:27,20 Lei
Book of Man 2: Broken Chalice
-20 % Stoc momentan epuizat
After Isolde disrupted the ceremony at the amphitheatre by plunging her bleeding arm into the Chalice of Ond, contaminating the spell and damaging the Chalice, Silas has escaped, taking the magical cup with him. Forced underground to escape the furious swarms of hobgoblins intent on revenge, Caspar, Brid and the youths are torn between going after Silas and returning home to the hill fortress of Torra Alta and Hal, who waits unknowing if his family is alive or dead. To make matters worse, Iso..
28,80 Lei 36,00 Lei
Fără TVA:28,80 Lei
Sharing Knife 3: Passage
-20 %
Acclaimed science fiction and fantasy writer Lois McMaster Bujold—five-time winner of the Hugo Award—brings us the third installment in her New York Times bestselling romantic fantasy Young Fawn Bluefield and soldier-sorcerer Dag Redwing Hickory have survived magical dangers and found, in each other, love and loyalty. But even their strength and passion cannot overcome the bigotry of their own kin, and so, leaving behind all they have known, the couple sets off to find fresh solutions to the ..
24,00 Lei 30,00 Lei
Fără TVA:24,00 Lei
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