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Scorsese: A Retrospective

Scorsese: A Retrospective
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Scorsese: A Retrospective
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  • ISBN: 9780500517529
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Since his emergence in the early seventies, Martin Scorsese has become one of the most respected names in cinema. Classics such as Taxi Driver , Raging Bull and Goodfellas are regularly cited as being among the finest films ever made. This lavish retrospective is a fitting tribute to a remarkable director, now into his sixth decade in cinema and showing no signs of slowing up. Leading film writer Tom Shone draws on his in-depth knowledge and distinctive viewpoint to present refreshing commentaries on all twenty- three main features, from the rarely shown Whos That Knocking at My Door? (1967) to the latest release, The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), as well as covering Scorseses notable parallel career as a documentary maker. Impeccably designed, and copiously illustrated with more than two hundred stills and behind-the-scenes images, this is the definitive celebration of one of cinemas most enduring talents.

Shone is too vigorous a critic not to put up a fight. He calls Gangs 'heartbreaking in the way that only missed masterpieces can be: raging, wounded, incomplete, galvanized by sallies of wild invention.' There's lots of jazzy thumbnail writing of this kind, compacted critiques you suspect Shone would merrily expand upon, given more space. --The Daily Telegraph

A glorious coffee-table delve into the great director's 23 feature films ... page upon page of Shone's typically fluid, effortless prose. --The Sunday Times

A bravura high-octane sprint through the director's filmography ... a smart, engaged steadicam tracking shot of a book. --Teddy Jamieson, The Herald

Extremely covetable ... a must for fans, combining enviable access with memorable insight ... while the archive of stills and behind-the-scenes shots is a gold mine, there's plenty of Shone's prose to savour, too. --GQ Magazine

A very rich-looking tome ... criss-crosses its detailed analysis of each of his 23 films with further rationales behind them. Given the fullness of this title, its heavyweight presence and intriguing layouts and accessibility, even non-Scorsese fans should be inspired to take a second, more in-depth, look. --Screentrade

Shone expertly guides us through Scorsese's long career ... Fascinating stuff. --RTE Guide

A beautiful book. --The Times

This gloriously rich coffee table book ... is an essential reflection on one of film's brightest talents. --Shortlist

The volume is a glory to leaf through, but you could possibly do that in a bookshop: serially on different days, if not all in one go. What makes the book worth taking home, however, is the excellent text, fragments of which are sometimes visible among the illustrations. These words are by Tom Shone, a film critic worth reading whatever aspect of the industry he talks about. (His book Blockbuster is a must). Talking about Scorsese, he speaks the language of admiration. Most critics are at their best when speaking the language of derision, but Shone has the precious gift of being carried away in a sensible manner, and of being celebratory without setting your teeth on edge. --Prospect, Clive James

The best kind of coffee-table book ... a bravura high-octane sprint through the director's filmography that adroitly mixes up biographical detail with aesthetic judgments. --The Glasgow Herald

Impeccably designed and copiously illustrated ... the definitive celebration of Scorsese's illustrious career. --Hungry Eye
Autor SHONE, Tom
An apariţie 2014
Editura Thames & Hudson
Nr pagini 288
Dimensiuni 29 x 25
Format Hardback
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