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Adventures in Human Being (Wellcome Collection)

Adventures in Human Being (Wellcome Collection)
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Adventures in Human Being (Wellcome Collection)
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  • ISBN: 9781781253427
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Sunday Times bestseller

We have a lifetime's association with our bodies, but for many of us they remain uncharted territory. In Adventures in Human Being, Gavin Francis leads the reader on a journey through health and illness, offering insights on everything from the ribbed surface of the brain to the secret workings of the heart and the womb; from the pulse of life at the wrist to the unique engineering of the foot.

Drawing on his own experiences as a doctor and GP, he blends first-hand case studies with reflections on the way the body has been imagined and portrayed over the millennia. If the body is a foreign country, then to practise medicine is to explore new territory: Francis leads the reader on an adventure through what it means to be human.

Both a user's guide to the body and a celebration of its elegance, this book will transform the way you think about being alive, whether in sickness or in health.

Published in association with the Wellcome Collection.

A sober and beautiful book about the landscape of the human body: thought-provoking and eloquent. (Hilary Mantel)

Wonderful, subtle, unpretentious ... produces a kind of complicity between the author, the reader, and the subject (John Berger)

Immensely engaging. (The Sunday Times 2016-02-14)

In Francis's beautifully written, exquisitely thoughtful, and completely captivating cartography, the body is a superbly-lit museum filled with treasures, and Dr. Francis the perfect guide who deftly weaves together science and story to reveal the wondrous flesh-and-blood underpinnings of our daily lives. It's a spellbinding view. (Diane Ackerman, author of The Zookeeper’s Wifeand The Human Age)

I read this book transfixed... The style is crisp and fast and the human tales irresistible. I was left with many nuggets. (Melanie Reid The Times 2015-05-02)

So enthralling and so well written that it should win its own clutch of prizes... immensely engaging and often unexpected. His achievement here is to guide readers through his special landscape with such eloquence and subtlety. (Nick Rennison Sunday Times 2015-05-17)

Grand, eloquent stuff, occasionally humorous, frequently moving and invariably informative... The end result is a thoroughly entertaining, provocative work. (Robin McKie The Observer 2015-05-17)

The joy of Mr Francis's work lies in the fact that although he delights in the body's physical reality, he takes care not to reduce human experience to that alone. (The Economist 2015-06-12)

A quietly radical, three-dimensional view of issues such as reproduction, birth, death and disability that has the power, at times, to make you stop mid-sentence and carefully reassess some of your most basic assumptions... its greatest strength is its profound yet understated compassion. (The Scotsman 2015-05-23)
Autor FRANCIS, Gavin
An apariţie 2016
Editura Profile Books
Nr pagini 272
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Cuvinte cheie: francis gavin