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Universal Transparent Tarot

Universal Transparent Tarot
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Universal Transparent Tarot
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  • ISBN: 9788865271094
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78 innovative cards that although invisible themselves reveal hidden secrets. This deck allows for the superimposition of up to six cards that come together to create a mosaic, an entirely new card. The Universal Transparent Tarot invites an active reading based on free will. By exchanging or substituting certain cards, desires, choices, actions and life transformations are represented and possible futures examined.Divination using tools such as Tarot Cards, help to bring higher guidance and advice into our lives and brings to the surface information that is hidden or not immediately obvious to us.This deck contains 78 cards and instruction booklet.Cards measure approximately 6.6 x 12 cm (2.75 x 4.5 inches)
Autor ZIZZI, Pierlica & DE ANGELIS, Roberto
An apariţie 2011
Editura Lo Scarabeo
Nr pagini 78
Dimensiuni 6.6 x 12 cm
Format Tarot deck