Advice for the Dying (and Those Who Love Them): A Practical Perspective on Death
Autor TISDALE, Sallie
An apariţie 2019
Editura Allen & Unwin
Nr pagini 256
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B

Advice for the Dying (and Those Who Love Them): A Practical Perspective on Death

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Award-winning writer and nurse Sallie Tisdale offers a lyrical, thought-provoking yet practical perspective on death and dying in this frank, direct and compassionate meditation on the inevitable.


From the sublime to the ridiculous, Tisdale leads the reader through the peaks and troughs of death with a calm, wise and humorous hand. More than a how-to manual or a spiritual bible, this is a graceful compilation of honest and intimate anecdotes based on the deaths Tisdale has witnessed in her work and life, as well as stories from cultures, traditions and literature around the world.

As Tisdale explores all the heartbreaking, beautiful, terrifying, confusing, absurd and even joyful experiences that accompany the work of dying, she also addresses the meaning of 'a good death', how to communicate with the dying, loved ones, doctors and more, and what to expect, physically and emotionally, from the last months, days and hours of life.

Beautifully written and compulsively readable, Advice for the Dying offers the resources and reassurance that we all need for planning the ends of our lives. It is essential reading for all of us.

This book on how to die is also a blessedly saccharine-free guide for how to live. Source: New York Times

Sallie Tisdale's elegantly understated new book pretends to be a user's guide when in fact it's a profound meditation. It also pretends to be about how to die. Actually, it's about how to live. Author: David Shields, bestselling author of REALITY HUNGER

Sallie Tisdale's life experiences and down-to-earth wisdom takes readers beyond the paralysing dread of death and advances profound opportunities for intimacy, connection and completeness at life's end. Author: Dr Michael Barbato, author of CARING FOR THE DYING

[a] hard, clear-eyed look at death and dying Source: Dublin Review of Books

An easy, chatty writer who never says anything the way you're expecting, which makes reading her a pleasure. Source: Boston Globe

Her essays unfold their subjects and stories with remarkable precision, allowing us, gradually, to see and feel for the people she describes. Source: New Yorker

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