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Twisted Tree

Twisted Tree
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Twisted Tree
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  • ISBN: 9781471407765
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Part ghost story, part Nordic mystery - a creepy and chilling tale steeped in Norse myth, perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman and Michelle Paver's DARK MATTER.

Martha can tell things about a person just by touching their clothes, as if their emotions and memories have been absorbed into the material. It started the day she fell from the tree at her grandma's cabin and became blind in one eye.

Determined to understand her strange ability, Martha sets off to visit her grandmother, Mormor - only to discover Mormor is dead, a peculiar boy is in her cabin and a terrifying creature is on the loose.

Then the spinning wheel starts creaking, books move around and terror creeps in . . .

Set in the remote snows of contemporary Norway, THE TWISTED TREE is a ghost story that twists and turns - and never takes you quite where you'd expect.

The Twisted Tree is a romantic, creepy, hugely atmospheric story. I loved it. Source: L.A. Weatherly

I really enjoyed this book - well written, an original idea, with an unusual setting and some fantastic moments. Martha is a great character and I like the fact that she isn't an automatic hero, that her bravery isn't a given. Source: NM Browne, author of WOLF BLOOD

Creepy and amazing Source: MTV UK

The Twisted Tree is billed as a YA novel, but don't let that fool you - this is a ghost story that will get under the skin of the most hardened reader. It's a slow burner that makes fantastically creepy use of its isolated Norwegian setting, and expertly combines Nordic mythology with the supernatural. In many ways, it feels a bit like Neil Gaiman's Coraline collided with Catherine Storr's Marianne Dreams, with a smidgen of Beowulf thrown in for good measure Source: Starburst Magazine

Rachel Burge presents us with a stunning intermingling of Norse mythology, horror, and an unusual coming of age. Hauntingly beautiful descriptions, juxtaposed against a ramping relentless sense of peril. Wonderfully eerie, deliciously frightening, a perfect story for a dank and windy night in front of the fire Source: Bookbag

Its dark and ominous and the perfect quick read for those who want some eerie goodness on a weeknight. The fact that I opened it, sat down and read for 3 hours straight (minor breaks because my heart can't take creepy) on a night when I have 5000+ other things I should be occupying myself with solidifies my belief that this should get a perfect score Source: Close Encounters of the Paper Kind

So compelling and creepy, and would make a perfect Halloween or wintery read Source: Library of Books and Tea

Brilliantly effective at creating a slow, creeping atmosphere that made me feel chilled even when sitting in a room filled with lots of people. Fantastic writing! Source: Chrikaru Reads

This is the perfect story for the dark nights which will come before spring and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys thrillers which are atmospheric rather than gory. A beautiful and haunting tale Source: Book Murmuration

The spooky descriptions of the cabin and its surrounds are like an Arthur Rackham illustration melted into words; the mixture of Norse mythology and horror creates an atmosphere of Stephen King intensity, while at the same time we witness a slowburning and credible relationship between two very damaged but likeable protagonists Source: Irish Examiner
Autor BURGE, Rachel
An apariţie 2019
Editura Hot Key Books
Nr pagini 256
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Cuvinte cheie: burge rachel