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Why We're Polarized: The International Bestseller from the Founder of

Why We're Polarized: The International Bestseller from the Founder of
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Why We're Polarized: The International Bestseller from the Founder of
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  • ISBN: 9781788166799
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'Powerful [and] intelligent' - Fareed Zakaria, CNN

'Superbly researched and written' - Francis Fukuyama, The Washington Post

America's political system isn't broken. The truth is scarier: it's working exactly as designed.

In Why We're Polarized, Ezra Klein reveals the structural and psychological forces behind America's deep political divisions, revealing how a system filled with rational, functional parts can combine into a dysfunctional whole. Neither a polemic nor a lament, this book offers a clear framework for understanding everything from Trump's rise to the Democratic Party's leftward shift to the politicisation of everyday culture.

Klein shows how and why American politics polarised in the twentieth century, what that polarisation did to Americans' views of the world and one another, and how feedback loops between polarised political identities and polarised political institutions drive the system toward crisis. This revelatory book will change how you look at politics, and perhaps at yourself.

It's been a long time since I learned so much from one book. He shows just how broken the American political system is. -- Rutger Bregman author of ― Utopia for Realists

Eye-opening . . . Klein's brilliant diagnosis and prescription provide a path to understanding--and healing. ― O Magazine

By weaving together a composite of group psychological theory and political history in the trademark, rigorously logical style of Vox's Explainer series, journalism, Klein traces the path of polarization from a time when the Republican and Democratic parties were virtually indistinguishable from each other to today. -- Emma Levy ― Seattle Times

Why We're Polarized delivers. . . . What Klein adds especially to [is] our understanding of how we got here--why Trump is more a vessel for our division than the cause, and why his departure will not provide any magical cure. . . . A thoughtful, clear and persuasive analysis. -- Norman Ornstein ― New York Times Book Review

In this thoughtful exploration of American politics, Ezra Klein challenges the conventional wisdom about why and how recently we've come apart, and suggests that the fantasy of some unified American middle is perhaps at odds with the ongoing fight for truly representational politics. Why We're Polarized makes the compelling case that the centuries-long battle to perfect our union means we were built to be split; Klein's provocative question is whether America's democratic systems and institutions can bear up under the weight of our divides. -- Rebecca Traister ― New York Times bestselling author of Good and Mad

The story of this impeachment is the story of American politics today: polarization. It affects almost every aspect of American political life and has been studied by scholars from many different angles, with dozens of good historical and experimental approaches. Wouldn't it be great if someone would digest all these studies, synthesize them and produce a readable book that makes sense of it all? Ezra Klein has done just that with his compelling new work, Why We're Polarized. It is likely to become the political book of the year. . . . Powerful [and] intelligent. -- Fareed Zakaria ― CNN

Well worth reading. -- Andrew Sullivan ― New York Magazine

Few books are as well-matched to the moment of their publication as Ezra Klein's Why We're Polarized. . . . Klein's careful book explains how different groups of Americans can see politics through such different lenses, examining how various psychological mechanisms allow committed partisans to rationalize almost anything their party does. . . . This book fully displays the attributes that have made Klein's journalism so successful. -- Dan Hopkins ― Washington Post

Few books are as well-matched to the moment of their publication -- Dan Hopkins ― Washington Post

A fascinating book, rich in politics, history, psychology and more -- David Leonhardt ― New York Times
Autor KLEIN, Ezra
An apariţie 2021
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