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Worldquake 3: Galloglass (editie cartonata)

Worldquake 3: Galloglass (editie cartonata)
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Worldquake 3: Galloglass (editie cartonata)
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  • ISBN: 9781782119333
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Effie Truelove and her school-friends Lexy, Wolf, Maximilian and Raven must use their magical skills to defeat the Diberi, a corrupt organisation intent on destroying the worlds at Midwinter.

But during a visit to the Otherworld, Effie is mistaken and imprisoned for being a galloglass - a dangerous, selfish islander. Meanwhile, Lexy is threatened by the vile professor Jupiter Peacock and Wolf embarks on a perilous journey to find his missing sister.

And back at school, Neptune the cat is bored. He's used to lording it over the other stray cats, but they've all mysteriously vanished. Where could they be - and how will he find them?

Can Effie and her friends reunite before total destruction is wreaked upon the universe?

"PRAISE FOR THE WORLDQUAKE SEQUENCE: The most exciting debut in children's fiction since HARRY POTTER" (JOANNE HARRIS)

"This tale of magical education is a cracker . . . has its own distinctive style" (Guardian)

"Otherworldly . . . 'Getting lost in a book' takes on new meaning" (Mail on Sunday)

"A quest to create a magical book is at the centre of this thought-provoking fantasy novel . . . Wonderfully bibliophilic" (Financial Times)

"Will whisk you off on a spectacular adventure" (The Week)

"An entrancing novel that stands on its prose . . . set in a dystopian future after a massive quake has annihilated modern technology . . . She is far too inventive a writer ever to let us feel we've been here before" (Daily Telegraph)

"Lively, inventive, phrase-making fantasy . . . revels in evocative spells, names and descriptions of quaint shops, fabulous food and delicious interiors . . . has something of J.K. Rowling's capacity to delight" (Sunday Times)

"Superb fantasy *****" (Sunday Telegraph)

"In this children's debut from adult fantasy writer Thomas, a young girl inherits a magical library and discovers you can - quite literally - become lost in a book . . . The first book in the Worldquake Sequence augurs well for what is to follow" (Sunday Post)

"Deft and stylish . . . Packed with striking images . . . the exciting pace will make this a gleeful companion for many a young teen and upwards" (Literary Review)
Autor THOMAS, Scarlett
An apariţie 2019
Editura Canongate
Nr pagini 384
Dimensiuni 13.8 x 20.4
Format Hardback
Cuvinte cheie: thomas scarlett