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Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski
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Charles Bukowski
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  • ISBN: 9781780230238
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In this new interpretation of the life and work of the American poet, short-story writer and novelist "Charles Bukowski", David Stephen Calonne examines Bukowski's writings, colourful life and the desperate conditions of his lifestyle, looking at the literary traditions that influenced him and discussing his unique place in world literature. Bukowski was born in Germany and raised in the United States, a schism that Calonne shows to be crucial in the writer's development. From the influence of Germany's literary and intellectual traditions to the writer's traumatic childhood, this book explores the effect the writer's hybrid identity had on the themes and content of his work. Exploring several unknown works of fiction and poetry created in the early years of his career, the many volumes of poetry published with Black Sparrow Press, major works of fiction like "Post Office" and "Factotum", as well as feature films such as the Mickey Rourke-starring "Barfly", Calonne catalogues and dissects the many versions of Bukowski created by the writer and his followers. A concise yet comprehensive new account, "Charles Bukowski" will interest the wide audience already familiar with this prolific, influential figure, as well as being an invaluable introduction to those new to Bukowski's work and who wish to know more.

"David Stephen Calonne is a Bukowski scholar and this highly readable account informs and entertains without ever condescending . . . this is a very readable summary of his career and Calonne does not shy away from discussing Bukowski's 'self-mythologising.'"--Daily Telegraph

"Charles Bukowski by David Calonne is not just the best book on Charles Bukowski's writing, it is the ONLY one."--John Martin, founder of The Black Sparrow Press
Autor CALONNE, David
An apariţie 2019
Editura Reaktion Books
Nr pagini 224
Dimensiuni 20 x 13 cm
Format Paperback, B
Cuvinte cheie: david calonne