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Golden Age Locked Room Mysteries

Golden Age Locked Room Mysteries
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Golden Age Locked Room Mysteries
  • ISBN: 9781613163290
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For devotees of the Golden Age mystery, the impossible crime story represents the period's purest form: it presents the reader with a baffling scenario (a corpse discovered in a windowless room locked from the inside, perhaps), lays out a set of increasingly confounding clues and swiftly delivers an ingenious and satisfying solution. During the years between the two world wars, the best writers in the genre strove to outdo one another with unfathomable crime scenes and brilliant explanations, and the puzzling and clever tales they produced in those brief decades remain unmatched to this day.

Among the Americans, some of these authors are still household names, inextricably linked to the locked room mysteries they devised: John Dickson Carr, Ellery Queen, Clayton Rawson, Stuart Palmer. Others, associated with different styles of crime fiction, also produced great works--authors including Fredric Brown, MacKinlay Kantor, Craig Rice and Cornell Woolrich.

All of these and more can be found in Golden Age Locked Room Mysteries, selected by Edgar Award-winning mystery expert and anthologist Otto Penzler. Featuring a delightful mix of well-known writers and unjustly-forgotten masters, the fourteen tales included herein highlight the best of the American impossible crime story, promising hours of entertainment for armchair sleuths young and old.

Superb . . . This is a perfect introduction for those new to this particular subgenre. --"Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW"

The greatest feat of prestidigitation here, in fact, may be the lack of overlap... Lock your door and enjoy. --"Kirkus" (4/13/2022 12:00:00 AM)
Autor PENZLER, Otto
An apariţie 2022
Editura Penzler Publishers
Nr pagini 508
Dimensiuni 20.3 x 13.4 cm
Format Paperback
Cuvinte cheie: otto penzler